Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0681 24.11.1938

Information about work on earth and the end ....
Spiritual work before the judgment ....
The new Kingdom ....
Future of the earth ....

Who is active for Me and My name, goes protected through all dangers of the life.  And so also you are guaranteed, if you only have your earth task constantly in mind.  The time of your work is near, only your final training for this teaching office is still needed, and I will then assign your activity to you, but you must never fear that the weakness of your will could be an obstacle for you, because the strength from above will come to you in the same measure as you are to be active for Me.  There are always other tasks waiting for you, and you will be drawn into a circle of completely faithless people by life itself.  And your work shall be for those who blindly pass by My love and mercy without will, but in deepest ignorance - and you shall take care of these weak in spirit, so that My harvest will be plentiful.

But when the time has come when I Myself descend to earth to be close to the ones who are Mine, then also the time of your work is over.  Then many will still be active in My name, and there will be no end to the spiritual work, because My angels will intervene supportingly everywhere and so save on earth what is to be saved before the great judgment will come over the earth.

But in the ranks of My fighters, all are loyal to Me, because I Myself lead them, and truly the right way.  The right light from the heavens and love are the only weapons in the fight against evil, but invincible will be those who fight with these weapons under My leadership.  For a new kingdom shall arise, full of harmony and brotherhood, and everything shall be swept away that has sown hatred and unkindness among the people, but the fruits of love shall remain forever.

That land, which I have promised you after My return, is in preparation.  It will not be understood in an earthly sense, because My kingdom is not of this world, but also the earth itself will no longer remain the place of all vices and corruptions, but the abode of man will be in a clarified state, and love will rule, where before hatred and discord were violent.

Therefore do not let yourselves become anxious prematurely, and only pay attention to the coming signs, so that you become aware of Me .... For those who remain in Me, My love is always close to them, and what can happen to you then if I protect you with My love? .... Just wait a little while longer, then it will also become apparent to you that the Spirit of truth flows through all who are willing to work for Me and My name.

For there are many on earth who want to prove to the world how wrong and senseless faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God is.  You must be prepared against them and can only do so through My Spirit, which becomes active in you as soon as you are in danger of standing up to such adversaries.  Then know that you are never alone, that I hear every word of the adversary and refute their nonsense through you .... and know that you should therefore also serve Me, so that your believing heart hears My words and you thus speak instead of Me and thus the opportunity is still offered to countless people to accept the Word of the Lord, to obey it and to live through it, in order to be able to enter My kingdom one day, into eternal bliss ....




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