Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0694 01.12.1938

Prediction of a devastating event ....

It is very beneficial for all of you to read the words of the Bible, and you will realise that the Lord in His time has announced His coming. The forthcoming divine Judgment is not the Lord's will but solely the will of humanity, which endeavours towards an almost complete separation from faith which will result in descending further into spiritual darkness. Purely to put an end to these goings-on and to save what has not yet been entirely taken in by the night, the Lord will fulfil His Word .... For His spirit foresaw the present as well as the approaching time, and in His kindness and gentleness the Lord has left no stone unturned in order to be able to prevent the divine Judgment. Everyone presently living on earth will be informed of it beforehand and able to avert the judgment from himself, insofar as that he will be protected from every danger by the Father's invisible hand, if only he trustingly turns to Him and thus acknowledges His power and love .... The many events preceding this in order to wake people up will also show you that the time is close at hand.

This time will not pass any person by without a trace, and there will be many signs which are intended to arouse people from their spiritual lethargy and draw their attention to the visible intervention of an eternal Deity. And the adversary will have his hand in everything and influence people everywhere to listen only to the thoughts and words of the world and to reject everything spiritual, for in their dominance and arrogance people are so convinced of their own strength and power that, by necessity, the evidence of their own weakness and inadequacy has to be demonstrated to them through misfortunes which human hands are unable to prevent. At first they will certainly accept such strokes of fate without experiencing any particular effect to their thinking .... Yet the events will happen increasingly more often and even make arrogant people inwardly tremble as they realise their vulnerability. And one such event is being prepared by the Lord ....

He will intervene in people's arbitrary activity of injustice and perceptibly express His will to them .... This time will numb all emotional souls, for the scale of the event will be too powerful as to be considered coincidental. And in case of the event repeating itself many people will wake up from their sleep and prefer the dawning day to the darkness of spirit .... and to preach the Word of God will be the rewarding task of God's servants on earth, for nothing in the world happens without consideration .... Nothing is hidden from the Creator's knowledge, and thus the Lord's visible intervention will not be without purpose and meaning for many people, but His intervention will be recognised as the helpful hand of the Heavenly Father which everyone should be willing to grasp. For the time is near of which it is written in Word and Scripture ....



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