Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0697 5.12.1938

Savior as a doctor ....
Teaching of the present time ....
Heaven's message ....

"Oh that I had a thousand tongues to praise Your power and glory, oh Lord, Who governs the world from eternity to eternity .... And Who in mildest mercy take care of Your earthly children and give them words of love over and over again .... Be my protection and shield now and always .... Amen."

This is how it should sound in your hearts, and you should look up to Him in gratitude, Who makes you worthy of His grace, because the Lord enlivens you with His Word.  He is the Savior of your soul, the true Physician, Who lets you recover, Who recognizes all your sufferings and in tireless love is concerned to bring you salvation. .... If you believe His words, if you truly let yourselves be cared for by Him, if you henceforth desire the right healing potion, the recovery of your soul will be your share and your state of suffering will be remedied forever.  See God's work, and recognize His love, and do not hide yourselves, but accept with a grateful heart what His Father's hand offers you.  The teachings of the present time no longer correspond to His will; the humanity that is willing takes Him, and His mercy applies to them.  And who expects too much from this earth, shall be pointed out to the transitoriness of everything earthly.

The Lord's will is always and forever the same, that people on earth should seek to ennoble their being, that they lend their ear to the messages of heaven and that they are most clearly shown the way that leads to the ennoblement of the soul.  And in what fullness the love of the Lord expresses itself, is evident from the fact that He Himself walks on earth and reveals Himself to the loving and willing children of earth, and that in every way.  A clear all-round vision and an inward listening lets His presence be clearly recognized by the one whose heart turns to God.  And His Spirit is constantly in their midst, and so the ones who are in His will also feel His nearness and always know what the Lord desires, and, removed from the world, strive to fulfill His will.

But he who looks and listens with worldly eyes and ears can never be sure of the recovery of his soul, he rather disregards everything that is useful for the soul .... he does not need the doctor because he does not want to follow his wise instructions, and therefore has little possibility to improve the state of his soul. And the earthly course does not contribute to it, because the Word of the Savior was disregarded.  The power from above was limited by man's willingness to resist, and all the love and mercy of the Lord had no effect on him.  But what a tremendous responsibility towards the soul .... And how hopeless the distant path of life, if the will of man does not change .... At the threshold of death he often realizes his error, and then the soul goes into a bleak afterlife, where the struggle begins again, if the soul does not want to recognize .... or a heavy struggle begins, if the soul has recognized ....



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