Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0705 10.12.1938

The Father's inheritance ....
Childship of God ....
Light beings ....

You are My children, and that must be enough for you to live according to My will and to enter into a right relationship with Me.  For if I have chosen you to take up the Father's inheritance, to be active in My kingdom like Me, to increase the miracles of creation .... if I want to withhold nothing from you which has been created in the whole universe .... then you must see from this that My love for you is unlimited and that this love, in turn, is solely the outflow of the Father's heart, thus you must be most intimately united with Me.

And what is out of Me, goes the way of matter to become completely similar to Me, because only in the overcoming of this, lies the God-likeness.  No atom of love of the world .... of love of things which are dominated by opposing power .... may adhere to a being which wants to be like Me.  As a completely purified light-being, it must be able to manage and rule at My side and always want the same as I do and put it into effect.

And this high task, which makes you extremely happy, is due to all of you who are My children .... Today you cannot yet grasp what delights this task holds, for your spirit is not yet quite aware of the infinite scope of My words.  But when you have laid aside the flesh and look around in the universe with spiritual senses, you will remember My words with holy shuddering, you will understand it and be blessed and full of love, lean towards the Divine Creator, Who has dignified you with this task.

But the childship of God presupposes spiritual maturity to be allowed to dwell constantly in the nearness of your Father.  All splendour and fullness of light can only then be entitled to a spiritual being when it has become a light-being itself, i.e. has reached the state of maturity through permanent love-work .... that it has therefore foundationally become love itself, and thus is allowed to approach the original Light, the heavenly Father as Love Himself.  Then My will will take hold of you, My true children .... you will always want the same and be continuously active in eternity for your own bliss and the happiness of countless living beings, which again emerge out of you by virtue of My will .... And you will sing praise and thanks to the Father of the universe for all eternity ....




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