Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0708 12.12.1938

Spiritual knowledge necessary for testing and judging the gifts from above ....

Behold, you my children, I want to direct your attention to Me, and the spirit in you should only always become aware of it's origin.  Therefore, leave the outside world unnoticed and turn your gaze only inward, then a peaceful feeling in you will give you the proof that you are on the right way, and the spiritual alertness will increase in the same measure, the less you pay attention to the life outside of you.  The greatest care should be given to the care of the inner life, and a blossoming of everything spiritual will be the result.

As soon as My Spirit descends upon you and you hear My voice, the goings-on of the world will no longer touch you as long as you are willing to receive My Word.  And you will find the access to Me wherever you stay, because it is your soul which rises into spiritual spheres, although the body stays in the midst of matter.  And the environment does not prevent you to get in touch with Me, if your heart only longs for Me.  Therefore, receive the teaching from above, My child, which your otherworldly circle of friends now transmits to you:

It will become more and more difficult for people to judge consistently .... They will be exposed to many errors as long as they do not ask the Lord Himself for help, and most of them fail to do so .... Thus, many different opinions and perceptions of what is solely important in earthly existence, arise.  Whoever takes the trouble to examine a work that is of unusual origin according to human judgment, will not be able to find the right explanation and pass the right judgment even with the best will, if he neglects to ask for the power to examine such a work with a clear mind.

Become like the children .... i.e., do not consider yourselves able to solve difficult problems without the Father's help, but leave yourselves full of trust to the Fatherly guidance, and you will be astonished how easily comprehensible the most difficult problem appears to you and how easily and effortlessly you will penetrate into a field which was inexplicable to you so far.  Therefore knowledge is withheld from all those who do not believe to need their Father .... and all words will be only empty letters to them .... Whereas a true child of God will embrace every word like a revelation, because the Lord also reveals Himself to His true children and is far from those who do not recognize Him.

And so the presence of the Lord has become everywhere only a fairy-tale concept .... People lack true faith in God's activity among mankind, and in the same way they will never want to acknowledge an intervention of the Divine Father, if they want to examine intellectually what can only be understood in the deepest heart.

What the eternal Divinity gives you in terms of grace is indescribable, but the greatest measure of grace is ineffective if it is not recognized and therefore does not want to be received.  Therefore, the Divinity only works visibly where faith is the first precondition .... And so an unspeakable amount can be given to a person and yet the fellow human being cannot participate in this gift, because his spirit is not receptive to it .... because he lacks faith.

And so all spiritual gifts only go to those people who want to receive and this will is also conditioned by faith.  Therefore, only a fully believing mind will be entitled and able to examine the gifts from above, and likewise a derogatory judgment of an unbeliever will be worthless in itself, because only he who is called should examine .... but only he is called whose spiritual experience let him find the connection with the Lord.

But who still stands completely apart and is only a right representative of the world, cannot possibly perceive in spiritual spheres and never judge as an ignorant person .... What is demanded in earthly life .... a certain knowledge of the matter to be judged .... must be considered even more necessary in spiritual life, if the judgment is to be wise and just ....




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