Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0710 13.12.1938

Father's Words of Love ....
Collaborators ....

Know, little children of Mine, that I love you and that you should never despair or doubt My love for you. .... The teachings which you receive daily testify to this, and if they awaken reciprocal love in you, the power of My love works in you.  This love has no limits .... It will awaken in My true children hunger and thirst for ever new proofs of love in the Word .... There is nothing more satisfying than to be able to quench this hunger and thirst with the gifts of My love and yet to remain in the desire for the bread of heaven, to never be satiated and to always be able to enjoy the joys of fulfillment.  And from this you recognize My love that I Myself dwell among you all the time, awaken the desire in you as well as fulfill this desire and am always ready for you where you long for Me and let Me be found where you seek Me.

The souls of My children seek the light and I kindle it in their hearts, I leave no stone unturned to bring My kingdom also to those who are in full ignorance and whose will so stubbornly rejects Me.  Because those children do not yet know My love, which want to make them so happy.  They only always go blindly through life and also reject a guide who knows the way, but if they get completely lost and do not find the way in the spiritual night, then they will gratefully make use of the help, if I send it to them anew.  Because I have patience with all these spiritually blind ones .... they do not see the beautiful around them and therefore also do not recognize it's Creator.  And My love cannot warm them, because they remove themselves from the area of the sun of grace and do nothing to test the effect of it's rays.

And so I have countless tasks for you, My servants .... to mention My great love and mercy especially to such erring human children.  You must diligently support Me by directing the thinking of such people as My co-workers in the most natural way to spiritual problems.  The spiritually active man takes up such hints and does not let them pass by unnoticed.  Although he will always say to himself that he cannot receive a complete enlightenment on earth, he is now much easier to direct and also more accessible to such questions and considerations.

But I have to send stronger proofs of My work to those who keep themselves completely apart, but often in a painful way.  Whoever does not want to recognize My love must feel My power, because he always has the possibility to change this tangible power into just such love, if he only seriously wants to ....

Whoever embraces Me with his heart, will constantly feel My presence .... I will be close to him like a brother and be his Friend and Adviser in all his needs .... For I love My children and do not want to see any of them lost .... And in My love, I bring together those who can help each other, and if they carry out My will and comply with My commandments placed in their hearts, the work for each other will also be beneficial .... The resistance will become less and less, and the spark of love for Me will ignite and soon flare up into a bright flame .... And so start working on all souls who are still far away from Me, so that they will be led up and recognize their Creator, who is love from eternity to eternity ....



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