Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0713 16.12.1938

Light and Truth....

Blessed shall you be who place yourselves at the disposal of the Lord.  For it is written that all angels in heaven serve the Lord and the earth bows before Him .... and that whoever acknowledges His majesty and is subject to Him in heaven and on earth, shines in light.  The world can grant earthly goods, but never let the light of truth reach the children of the earth, because this is only possible for God, who is the Truth Himself. .... And the richest man on earth is to be called poor, if he does not contain the truth, the knowledge of the Creator and the faith in His infinite love .... In contrast, every earthly child is immeasurably rich, who possesses these goods, whose heart is full of love for the Savior and in whom is the longing for ever deeper knowledge.

Everything earthly must seem worthless in view of the highest gift of God .... of the truth out of God .... And whoever helps to do this and offers his hand, whoever makes the truth accessible to mankind through his will, is a true disciple of the Lord, a servant on earth and a propagator of the doctrine of God according to the will of the Lord.  The hour of redemption is near to him, all earthly heaviness will fall from him, and where he believes to serve, he will reign ....

For truth will pave it's way, it will be recognized and desired, it will touch the mind of man unspeakably beneficently where truth is desired and striven for.  Where a soul stands in the light of truth, it will detest the lie, it will rush through the whole world and always stick to the truth, because it never lets go of what it has taken possession of.  If you try to take the truth from the soul, once it has recognized it, it will give up the fight and fall into darkness.  But to prevent this is the Lord's concern .... He does not abandon His children and lets the light shine brightly, so that the truth breaks it's way through and the soul is granted help.

And so the servants of the Lord are in busy activity.  People do not yet understand the miracle of Divine love .... They still oppose it with a quiet resistance and yet are seized by the power of love .... Everything that is truth must again express itself in love .... What emanates from God, as love itself, must inevitably also lead to love again; that which has it's origin in love, must develop into full activity, and consequently again draw love to itself ....

And so also the pure truth will always be life-awakening and life-affirming, because who has recognized rightly, now only sees in the right fulfillment of life the true purpose and must therefore adjust himself affirmatively to life.  What this means is that the person with the knowledge .... with the right God-consciousness cannot look at life from the negative side, but joyfully and cheerfully surrenders to the Divine power, always with the faithful trust that he will be guided wisely and rightly and thus also be equipped with Divine power against all hostile activity.  How this power expresses itself, people often cannot understand, but the faith in it lets them receive it undiminished.  For he who has love, is in the truth .... and he who is in faith, has the power to recognize the truth and to live in love ....




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