Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0715 18.12.1938

Concern of the spiritual friends to the relatives on earth ....

All resistance against the power of the Lord is in vain, He puts you into the sphere of action which can provide you with the state of maturity, and any resistance against the will of the Lord now also requires the intervention of the Divine Power, because the Lord does not leave man to his self-chosen fate as long as the will of man does not obviously oppose the will of the Lord.  In all distress of life, the Lord knocks at the door of the heart and desires admittance .... And so earthly hardship is very often the most salutary medicine against the rigid mind of earthly children.  Therefore, confidently leave all your worries to your Divine Savior, and patiently await the time of spiritual maturity of your loved ones ....

Now your spiritual friends report to you how the first signs of your blessed work on earth are already noticeable.  A whole circle of spiritual beings is already active to continue the work begun on your fellow brothers and sisters, and there are many connections from the other world to earth, which are evaluated in most eager work, in order to so influence as much as possible the thoughts of the earthly children.  All work in this regard is of such immense value, for through it the thinking of people is directed upward and progress in the spiritual field is achieved.  For without such indications on your part, people enter so seldomly the spiritual bridge to the beyond, and there are still so very few people to whom the Scriptures as well as spiritual conversation are real edification; the world still holds mankind too much captive, and the real activity, the work on the soul, is a relative concept to it.

Whether now the thinking of man turns to worldly interests or lets himself be captured by spiritual questions, is left completely to the free will of man; and to influence this will in the right direction, is the endeavor of countless spiritual beings to whose care people are entrusted.  A direct influence on the earthly children is only rarely possible, therefore the cooperation of willing servants of the Lord on earth, is welcomed with exceeding joy.  And in the same measure as the earthly child helpfully supports the spiritual beings, the still erring relatives are also looked after from the spiritual side; they try to execute this task with all their love for them, and the earthly people are therefore never without protection.

Every help from earth is accepted and abundantly repaid to those close to the earthly child who are in need of spiritual care.  And therefore no soul is helpless and abandoned to darkness, but the spiritual friends wrestle the erring and ignorant souls from darkness to the best of their ability and bring them close to the light, so that they also recognize their origin out of God and their life's task caused by it.  And the sun will rise where there is still night .... in the light of truth will stand all, to whom your care applies ....



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