Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0717 21.12.1938

Miracle of Divine Love ....
Father's Words ....

Behold, My child, the miracle of Divine love is still incomprehensible to you, and yet it will always be the proof to you of My walking among you who adhere to Me.  Behold, where two love each other, they will give and do everything to each other, because love is only genuine when it gives to make the other happy.  And likewise I want to make My children happy, whom I love intimately, and the whole nature of My love shall be revealed to them, if their hearts are also turned towards Me.  Because love can always only make happy when both parts are connected with each other through the feeling of love.  Love is therefore the binding agent, which unbreakably connects the beings for eternity, and if I now seize a child with My love, it remains eternally and indissolubly connected to Me, and it's share is eternal bliss through My blissful love.

And I ask nothing of you, My children, but that you willingly give yourselves to Me .... that you let yourselves be seized by My love and give Me all your childlike love.  Secure in My love, an extremely blissful existence will blossom for you .... Every burden will seem bearable to you, every suffering will lose it's bitterness, nothing can frighten you, if you are aware of the love of the heavenly Father .... Whatever events come upon you that cause you concern, will pass you by like a breath without having an oppressive effect, for My love keeps everything away from you and is only ever concerned about your welfare.  And even that which I cannot spare you in suffering, is only love for you and necessary for your future complete bliss .... Therefore, do not be immediately despondent when life is hard for you, I am always behind you and hold My hands protectively over your soul, even though the body is exposed to physical evils.

Behold, My child, all gifts comes from Me - suffering and joy - and love lets everything come over you, because if you come closer and closer to Me through this, the happiness also becomes deeper and deeper, because in the final union with Me, lies the highest happiness, which is not yet comprehensible to you.  Whoever wants to prove himself worthy of My gift, must give his heart completely to Me and surrender himself to Me full of trust and devotion so that I can work in his heart through My will, so that it is a willing tool in My hands and only ever listens to My word .... in order to one day find the highest fulfillment in My love and to be unspeakably happy in eternity ....



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