Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0723 26.12.1938

Loving Father's Words ....

My grace will be granted to you in all fullness to be able to comply with your task on earth if you only have the full will to come close to Me and to keep My commandments.  For you do not know that I am only waiting for your return to the Father's house to receive you with all love and that I want to help you where your strength is too weak. .... You have in Me the most faithful Friend, the most loving Father and the most careful Protector for your earthly life.  And you can unconcernedly devote yourselves to this protection of Mine if only you feel yourselves to be children of your Father and give your heart to Me for time and eternity.

In the time of My return to earth, you all receive graces in abundance, for I am so close to all who desire Me that they feel My presence .... Oh make all of you worthy of My presence .... Do not let Me woo your heart and your love in vain, but open the hearts to receive Me .... Grant Me entrance to take up residence in your hearts.

And your way of life will be blessed from this hour on, because where I dwell, there suffering and worry will be banished, because I protect the ones who are Mine, who recognized Me.  Every right thinking, every will turned towards Me, attracts the fullness of My grace.  I want to strengthen your faith and increase your will to love and open your spiritual senses for everything that comes from above .... For I love you, My children, and want to save your soul for eternity .... I want to open up all bliss for you one day and therefore guide you to true knowledge ....



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