Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0726 29.12.1938

Fate not an obstacle to cognition ....
Free will ....

See, My child, in closest connection with My creation are the innumerable, far-branched and nevertheless again and again interlocking events, which you call coincidences.  Only a director of all things and all events can bring it about that the creation and all work in the universe goes it's orderly course, and in this connection it will become clear to you that you cannot escape your destiny determined for you by Me for this life, and that is what then makes you believe that you only always have to carry out what is determined for you since eternities.

On the one hand you must, but you are never forced by worldly events to adopt a certain belief .... or a certain spiritual attitude.  This will be left entirely up to you, and every worldly event, whether it seems pleasant or unpleasant to you, truly gives you enough possibilities to reach the right knowledge.  Not one of the earthly children will be able to say that his life imposed on him would have prevented him from true knowledge, for I always arrange all world-events, even though people create such events for themselves through their will, in such a way that they give the earthly child the greatest possible opportunity to further his inner life.

Thus it can happen that in the midst of the greatest and most painful events, the true relationship of the earthly child to the Father is established far sooner than in a carefree existence .... that however also in this, a child can reach the Father, if the events of the environment are respected and the heart is not hardened and it's I is put far into the foreground.

I truly give all My creatures what is best for them into the hand, because My constant care is only for the final return of My creatures, and hence is My love and wisdom also anxious to let man go the way which offers him the greatest possibility to come close to Me.  And therefore people experience daily and hourly this My care; with every step they walk along the earthly way marked out by Me.

How they now use the possibilities is completely up to them.  Free will is then active.  If I would let the free will be taken from the people in a purely earthly way, then they would deprive themselves of every possibility of the maturing of the soul, because they could then form their life on earth in such a way as it suits everyone, unhindered by higher power .... Their striving would apply more and more only to the world, matter would be increased and everything spiritual would be diminished. And the work of My creation would finally be completely destroyed, where My wisdom is switched off and the free will of man, whose wisdom is insufficient, wants to rule everything.

And so you must recognize in it again only My love for you people that I only, to be able to give you once the highest, direct your earthly life according to My will .... that you however may use the spiritual freedom of the will unlimitedly, both upwards and downwards.  Sometimes you also have your earthly fate in your own hand and can shape it as you like, but also then the circumstances and events will always meet you so that you have the same possibility for your inner shaping .... whether you have chosen the fate for yourselves so or so .... that you can therefore apparently certainly create other living conditions for yourselves through your own will, but you still have to go the same course through suffering and worry if this is intended for you by Me for the purpose of spiritual progress.

If you always base everything what approaches you on this realization, then you will soon leave yourselves to Me in full confidence and establish the right relationship of the child to the Father, which is the first condition to fulfill the earthly task right in the spiritual sense.  And therefore all spiritual experiences will never be dependent on the earthly life-situation, but each one will offer enough opportunity for the earthly child to submit to My will and so draw the greatest benefit for his soul.  And therefore the objection is invalid that the earthly activity or task does not allow a deepening into spiritual knowledge, because I guarantee the former to everyone, but the latter is left alone to the free will of man ....




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