Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0731 2.1.1939

The soul after death ....

Freed from all troubles, the soul seeks the way to the light, and the spiritual beings help it, which are endeavored in all love to show it the way.  And so the soul recognizes it's state in all clarity and is able to detach itself from matter, if it only feels the desire for eternal liberation of it's fetters, which have been it's lot since time immemorial. If the Spirit of God in man has united with the eternal Spirit of love, then the soul's freedom is achieved .... It finds deepest peace and deepest happiness, because it's longing during the earthly days was the union with Christ, and it is now fulfilled.

And so leave every earthly sorrow, because your body is still a burden for you, your soul is still imprisoned in it's shell .... Throw away what still hinders you .... also seek to awaken in you the longing for liberation .... live in view of the fact that one day, you too will have to stand before the gate to eternity, and know to appreciate the soul's spiritual freedom .... be without fear when your end approaches, and the Spirit within you will guide you to look forward to that hour with joy, for you will then be standing at the entrance to eternal life, and the heavenly Father will meet you with open arms if you have already found your way to Him on earth in remembrance of His love.  And you then desire your own death, for it's sting does not hurt you .... You have overcome, you have found your way through the night to the eternal light, you have renounced the world and turned your gaze only heavenward.  And those who love you, will gather and take you home to the Father's house.  And those who die in Christ, will be blessed and sing praise and thanks to the Creator for all eternity ....



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