Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Value of the work of redemption ....
Jesus' earthly suffering ....

Think how helplessly an earthly child would be exposed to the power of evil if the Divine Savior had not broken the power of death in His love. .... And how hopeless all striving on earth would be without the Lord's work of redemption.  From the night of darkness the soul finds it's way to the light in faith in the divine Redeemer; of it's own accord it chooses the path that leads to the shaping of it's light-being .... And Divine love must inevitably permeate the soul as it remembers the Savior and all the sufferings and pains which the Savior suffered for sinful humanity.

The love of God is infinite, and in the knowledge of this love alone is the sacrifice that the Lord has made for the earthly people and all beings in the universe, understandable .... What the Lord has done for mankind, has become a blessing for every individual, and it is the whole universe that stands in the light of truth through the work of God's love for man.

The earth was destined to be the bearer of the eternal Godhead in earthly embodiment.  And therefore an earthly child standing in full faith, can redeem itself, as long as it still stays on earth, if it is only able to love the Divine Redeemer with all intimacy of the heart .... because love alone overcomes death .... Love alone frees the soul from the bonds of matter, and in love for the Divine Savior, the earthly child willingly submits to the heavenly Father and gratefully accepts the graces of the work of redemption from His hand.

But to recognize the whole depth and significance of the greatest act of grace since the beginning of the world, man - as still living on earth - is not capable .... He knows well that the love of the Father for His children sacrificed Himself for them, and he therefore also knows that without the Divine work of redemption, man was doomed to eternal death without salvation, and yet this knowledge cannot even begin to provide information about the scope of Christ's incarnation for the entire work of God's creation, and it is even more difficult to penetrate the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross without this knowledge of God's great love.  Therefore, even he will not be able to remotely comprehend the sense of sacrifice that had to come alive in a human being and how unspeakably the Savior suffered, since His body was also human like all earthly beings for whom the Divine Savior took upon Himself the greatest sacrifice.

He was in unspeakable spiritual distress, and only the deepest love for mankind gave Him the strength to let the earthly body go through all agonies and sufferings, and thus the work of redemption was an overcoming of death and it's power insofar as the divinity did not let Jesus suffer supernaturally, but the earthly man, who indeed contained the eternal Godhead in Himself, but, feeling completely earthly, took upon Himself the unspeakable sufferings of the death of the cross and thus truly overcame death, so that the terror of death was taken away from all who believe in the Savior, love Him with all their heart and ask for forgiveness of their sins ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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