Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0738 8.1.1939

(Continuation of No. 737) Laws of nature ....
Transformation and overexploitation of the earth ....

In the future, all reorganization will certainly be promoted, and one will try to draw the consequences, by putting all damage, which arises, as an inevitable necessity for life, but this will be possible for only until the most serious consequences will show up, which have a life-threatening effect for the people.  Because lack is the lesser evil, but wanting to remedy this while endangering life, is against the Divine order and therefore against the laws of nature.

Therefore, the Lord warns against any violent intervention in His work of creation, if people do not want to abandon themselves to ruin; and it is much more advisable to be satisfied with little and not to want to take the products from the earth in excess, because if this happens only for the increase of earthly goods, the Divine Creator will not give His approval, because such an endeavor would not be constructive, but destructive and must therefore have a negative effect for mankind.

But if you base all your ways of acting and your dispositions only on the concern for the welfare of mankind .... that therefore only the needs of mankind are to be covered under subordination of your own earthly advantage, then the love-will of the Creator will become active and will be eager to replace abundantly that which was taken from the earth for the welfare of mankind, because then people do not act in their own will, but God's will, and this is no offense against the laws of nature, but completely corresponds to the Divine order.

The course of the world will bring the proof that all destruction has it's origin in the insatiable greed for earthly possessions and that the will of God stops there where a certain limit is reached if he does not want to let mankind completely fall into ruin.  Man can therefore never act against the Divine laws with impunity if he does not want to endanger himself and his fellow man in body and soul ....




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