Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0745 14.1.1939

Influences on stiff-neckedness ....

And there will be many of them to whom My help is sent from above, but their spirit will not want to receive.  They will remain in their rigid world of thoughts and will not depart one iota from it, even though they have no evidence whatsoever for their views, only always want to reject all responsibility for their comfortable lives and thereby inflict the greatest spiritual damage on themselves.

But now the spiritual side is influencing this earth with all it's power; the desire to penetrate into spiritual knowledge will also become noticeable among them, and it is therefore advisable to offer the teachings of God to such still erring ones in such a way that their attention is first directed to the announcements which touch less on the church teachings, because a certain resistance to everything dogmatic makes their rejection understandable, since they just take offense at the errors of these and now want to completely renounce them.

A thorough cleansing of the old traditions will also have a favorable influence on these people, and they will be much more amenable to pure, factual explanations than to pious speeches, which are rather repugnant to them.  In place of the previous lack of faith in the old teachings, a spiritual search will begin among all those who have not yet been completely secularized.  Questions will come to their mind, the answer to which seems not insignificant to them, and in view of the difficult time, they will begin to occupy themselves with deeper thoughts and seek explanations .... And it is therefore often the first occasion for such inner reflections that can be called beneficial, for then the strangest coincidences and opportunities chain together to lead the searching person into the light of truth, even if often only after a long time.

And so every effort is blessed, often not visible at first, rather even seemingly having a negative effect, but sometimes life itself intervenes in such a way that man cannot completely free his thoughts from what he has heard.  And on such coincidences and happenings, the otherworldly spirit-world is built.  The untiring activity of these cannot remain without influence, although only very few pay attention to the fact that they have the desire to turn away more and more from the earthly life and deal with spiritual problems .... at first unwillingly and quickly rejecting the thoughts again, but always returning to the same thoughts.

Mankind is very arrogant; it believes that it can get along without spiritual knowledge, considers only all earthly matters worthy of attention and therefore remains in spiritual poverty, yet boasting and convincingly emphasizing spiritual superiority.  And it is difficult to preach the gospel to such people.  To give them an insight into the Divine creation .... to stimulate their thinking by indisputable facts can also cause a change in their thinking, and then a tiny seed has fallen into a soil in which it should be laboriously nurtured to come up and bear fruit.

The Father's Spirit of love will bless such efforts, and with increased power, the Word will penetrate such willing hearts that have finally given up their resistance, abstain from any preconceived notions and try to reach the light through the night.  But it will take a long time, but there must always be a beginning if there is to be success one day.

Many a man seeks the truth and does not yet recognize it, because his search is not the right one .... but he will reach the truth and knowledge far sooner than the one who does not have the desire for truth, who does not search and only accepts the opinion of others without having examined it himself .... He will truly walk in darkness until his hardened heart has recognized the wrongness of his thoughts and actions.

Let each one seriously examine himself, what moves him to reject the gifts from above .... He who seeks nothing but to fathom the truth, will be helped by spiritual powers .... but to whom only the thought of responsibility seems uncomfortable and makes him reject it, he will remain in the night of unbelief, and any spiritual help will be of no avail to his rigid mind.  And the Lord will have to take far harsher measures against such people if He does not want to abandon them to eternal destruction ....




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