Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0752 23.1.1939

Reasons for the revelations ....
"Not one stone will be left upon another ...."

The world will always deny all spiritual work, and nevertheless a search will begin, and that by the way of spiritual meetings, although one will also doubt the truth of such received announcements.  And therefore the Lord chooses this form in order to give people knowledge of His will.

It is unbelievably difficult to find a hearing with people if their free will is to remain untouched and the free decision is to be left to them, because the counterforce affects the thinking of people in the same way and tries to make everything heard, to be unbelievable .... so that a man without inner piety, without the unrestrained devotion to God, easily runs the risk to listen to these whispers and therefore doubts the received announcements .... the imparted Word of God ....

And it will therefore only be possible to impart the purest truth to people when the receptacle of Divine truth .... the receiver of the teachings from above, completely withdraws himself from the hustle and bustle of the world and is willing to serve God .... when he accepts the gifts with full will in purest intention to serve God and his neighbour .... without own advantage, always only according to the inner heart-urge.  Then such a servant of God on earth already reaches the degree of maturity which enables him to break through matter and to see spiritually .... and thus to recognize the truth of all revelations.

And still the worldly man will remain rejecting, for the simple reason that he does not possess the ability to think spiritually, but looks at everything only with worldly eyes and consequently he is convinced of the impossibility of a connection of the beyond with the earth.  He cannot judge an area which he does not know, and will therefore much rather completely deny everything lying in the same frame.

But the time comes closer and closer, of which is written .... not one stone will remain on the other .... what means spiritually that all views must be shaken up in order to form a new free thinking among mankind.  All wisdom, which people today believe to possess, will become invalid in view of the messages from heaven .... and the more earthly knowledge burdens man, the more difficult it will be to grasp the new teaching, because only he will be able to receive completely and unlimitedly, who has first purified himself from all the dross of worldly wisdom, in order to receive only the teachings full of wisdom, which God in His love and mercy imparts to man ....



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