Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0760 27.1.1939

Divine power-conduction ....
Electrons ....

And therefore it will be left to you humans to consider the work of creation as a reproduction tool of the radiation of Divine power.  In the plan of creation, this power can only be sent out into the universe via endlessly many small living beings, so that man may participate in this power to the highest degree and as clarified beings, even in the power from God and unite again with the elemental power.

If you humans consider this endlessly long way and regard yourselves as the final station, then it must also be understandable to you that now your striving should only apply to the last goal, because you hold such innumerable miracles of Divine creation in you, which all, permeated by Divine power, have found union in the soul of man, and you will understand what is now at stake, when the last receptacle of all power out of God is unconscionably smashed and all already existing power contributes to the increase of matter, which nevertheless should be dissolved and completely changed into spirit, which is the case when the power of God is not used for spiritual perfection, but only consumed for purely worldly things.

You truly have this power flowing out of God in great abundance and do not know which abilities are yours through this, if you want to use the power in the right sense .... how you can penetrate into the miracles of Divine creation and your spiritual eye can see what is otherwise invisible to you .... how you could only always convince yourselves of the love, wisdom and omnipotence of God, if it would be your serious will to already reach the perfection possible for you here on earth.

The more you learn to see spiritually, the less you feel the earthly burden, and as soon as the Spirit of God becomes alive in you, you are master over all matter, but to bring it to life, your mind must only be directed to use the earthly life only for your spiritual good .... You must remain in deepest connection with the Divine Creator and only always entrust yourselves to His kind Father-hand .... Then every step will be a step towards perfection.

For God only sees the will of the earthly child .... If he is turned towards Him, then He takes hold of his heart with His love and directs it towards the right goal.  He who always sends the prayer to the Father from the bottom of his heart: "I will serve You in time and eternity ...."  His will also grasps the power that comes to him, and this pulls him upwards .... because everything that comes from God, if no resistance is put up against Him, also inevitably leads back to God. ....



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