Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Idle life ....
Fear of death ....

The idle time of life is always to be considered where life is not used properly, and many an error will be the occasion for it.  The soul will be in greatest distress when the time on earth passes without any spiritual success.  Then a feeling of fear takes possession of the soul, it sees the end of earthly life coming closer and closer and unconsciously feels the agonizing state afterwards .... And this is then expressed in the feeling of fear before death.  And yet again, this fear of death is often the last means of realization.

When a human being has achieved all earthly goals, when even afterwards he cannot find any real satisfaction and complete fulfillment of his wishes .... , when he feels an emptiness in his innermost heart in spite of his earthly well-being, then he strives to get to the bottom of the cause of this unsatisfactory feeling, and he must realize that the thought of survival after death does not allow him to find inner peace.  He must realize that everything he has striven for so far will come to an end, and this thought does not give him a feeling of security, but rather one of uneasiness, because in his deepest heart he cannot give himself a certain answer as to what awaits him after his death.

And this pondering and brooding often leads to the fact that he deepens himself in spiritual questions .... that he suddenly learns to recognize the transitoriness and worthlessness of all earthly bright spirit and pays far more attention to the unfathomable.  Then his spirit becomes active in the same measure as his desire for the earthly decreases, and this has brought about the fear of death, and the soul was granted assistance by the good spiritual forces struggling for it.

The thought of death can have an unspeakably beneficial effect on those who always and easily found fulfillment in worldly desires.  They did not pay attention to the world and it's dangers and were always it's conquerors .... , but they are powerless and weak in the face of death, and the fear is rooted in the recognition of their own state of weakness, which then drives the will to look for a way to overcome the horrors of death.  And this way is the connection with the eternal Creator, to Whom life and death is subject ....

Who has recognized, death does not frighten him, because his soul has found the way to eternal life .... Death means darkness and night .... The lust and desire of the world envelops the spirit in darkness, and this state is equal to eternal death.  Only the one who overcomes the desire for the world, will get from night to light .... he will awake from death to life, and he will overcome the horrors of death without any doubt.

Therefore the detachment from the world is the very first condition to free the spirit from the fetters of matter, and then every step through earthly life will mean advancement of the soul and will result in spiritual higher development.  Man will then be able to say at the end of his days: My life has truly not been an idle one .... if he has reached the goal of standing in the light of truth, and need not fear the terrors of death ....




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