Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0766 1.2.1939

Care and cult of the body ....
Anticipating nature ....
Aging ....

If life on earth becomes difficult for you, take refuge in Me .... I want to be your strength and comfort in difficult hours, and who walks with Me, will overcome everything difficult.  But let it be said to you that you also have to be active yourselves, if you want Me to bless you.

Nature demands it's right, and so you must submit to the laws of nature, but likewise you must also practice self-conquest where it is possible.  And life will often confront you with the decision whether you want to do the will of the body or of the soul.  And the body will demand many things, and you will want to grant it, but the benefit of the soul is only small, if the body is fulfilled, on the other hand the soul will gain immensely, if the body renounces what is promised to it.

The greatest danger is that the body is granted the right to rule .... that only it's comfort is always taken into account and man's care is constantly to maintain it, and a perpetual cult around it is cause to neglect the actual work on the soul, and this may well serve for the preservation of the body, but never the shaping of the soul, and the former is extremely unimportant in relation to the actual earthly task, that is to be seriously considered, where the care for the physical well-being is predominant.

Therefore, never let yourselves be tempted to want to anticipate nature by trying to change or stop what has to go it's natural course.  Try your power .... it will be inadequate compared to the existing laws of nature .... but where the body goes the way of decay, there the soul shall mature and become more and more perfect, which is why the former has to decay in the same measure as the soul strives to live spiritually.

The soul has, as it were, a greater obstacle to overcome in an outwardly well-formed body, since all inclination to the world is inherent in it and greater demands are made on the soul in self-conquest through frequent stimuli of the world.  He who despises his body, but carefully cares for his soul with spiritual care, has made good use of his time on earth, and he will also feel good purely externally, since this does not appear to him to be the only thing worth striving for and he is therefore provided with everything he needs for life.

For I consider My children on earth as it is useful for them .... I give, where one gladly renounces, and refuse, where too much desire for earthly goods is sought, because I do not want that the body alone is considered, but the soul should first be rescued from it's misery ....




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