Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Mishaps of life necessary ....

Not the smallest event is without influence on man's development.  As you prove yourselves in the face of every event, the success is also more or less beneficial.  And so the life on earth is continuously the touchstone on which you should test your power of resistance.  What fills you with indignation, annoyance or aversion, you must try to change into gentleness and patience, you must always regard it as what it should be for you - as obstacles through which you should mature ....

Not that you can put these troubles aside arbitrarily .... it would be no progress for your soul, only in the overcoming of all challenges, in the perfection of your selves, you see the purpose of all adversities which make life difficult for you.  You run the risk of regressing where you are not able to cope with the trials.  Every day should bring you progress, and so you must not oppose the trials imposed on you for this purpose, but you must surrender to the Divine will, which exactly permits such trials to come over you to mature.

Because it is a life without struggle also no possibility of progress for the soul.  Only the overcoming of yourselves can bring you success, but a calm, peaceful life, only inertia of the spirit and a weakened will.  And this then holds many dangers for the soul.  The hard lot, which is sometimes given to a human being, will only have a successful effect for the soul, because in struggling and overcoming, the soul strengthens itself and frees itself from it's fetters far sooner; but a being, which is spared all difficulties, is not equal to the fight against evil.  Instead of being itself an overcomer, it is defeated by the opposing power and has to suffer unspeakably, and these sufferings are of a much more severe nature than the troubles of daily life.

Only in constant struggle is the soul given the opportunity to develop freely, and every struggle can be overcome if you confess your weakness to the Divine Lord and Savior when your strength fails and ask Him to take care of you .... He will not leave you without help, for His words are so sweet: "Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened .... I will give you rest."  Why do you fear and tremble, why do you feel weak, when the Lord helps you with His strength at any time, if you only ask Him for it.  Leave all fear and trembling and only look to the Lord .... with trust.  He never leaves in distress those who trustingly turn to Him for help.

And so every oppressive or tormenting situation in life will solve itself, only take care that it does not cause the opposite in you than it's actual purpose should be .... that it does not let you harden and act lovelessly .... take care that you only ever let love speak in you, because only love alone will overcome and let you emerge successfully from such trials.

Shape your heart in ever deeper love and thus also become a blessing to your surroundings, and through love you will become free from the pressure which weighs on you, and the soul will also become free if you overcome everything difficult in life by virtue of this love ....




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