Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0775 13.2.1939

The way of the flesh ....

What holds life in itself, must go the way of all flesh.  However, this state is limited in time, and a perpetual change of the outer form lets the duration of the embodiment on earth appear shorter to the being and this is well-considered by the Creator in loving wisdom.  In every form, the being seeks to adapt to it's environment and both the earthly and the spiritual destiny let it perform a regulated activity, whereby then the respective purpose of stay in this form on earth, is fulfilled.

But as the Divine Creator has determined the earth as the abode of imperfect spiritual beings from the very beginning, so He also foresaw the countless possibilities which were offered to the beings through the work of creation, and therefore there is not the slightest thing in creation without spiritual life .... all matter, whether bound or in free state, holds the spiritual in itself, which has to perform some task and so strives for a gradually higher development again through incessant activity and this is more or less the final goal of every embodiment on earth.



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