Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0777 15.2.1939

Father's words ....
The Word ....
Cooperation in the struggle for souls ....

All those who love Me are blessed beyond words, My Spirit dwells among them, because I know their hearts and also want to be recognized by them.  And so the fruit of all spiritual work is My nearness, and you will be allowed to refresh yourselves, because I am with you in the Word.  And where My Word is taught, there My Spirit keeps you active.  Therefore do not lose heart when the world wants to snatch you away from Me .... Come to Me, your Father, in all sorrow and get help from Me .... but do not reject My Word, because all blessings lie in the Word and your strength is very small without it.

What I reveal to you shall give you eternal life, it shall be the practicable way to the eternal home for you, you shall receive it as My will made known to you .... you shall, so to speak, draw everything from it .... Comfort, strength and grace for your earthly existence .... You shall feel Me and My love for you, your tongues shall be loosened so that you sing praise and honor to the Creator of heaven and earth.

You will receive food and drink from Me, you will stand in the light and live in the truth. And My will will guide you, and so you should not stand anxiously and timidly in life, because those who seek Me, are never without protection.  All gates will be opened to you, you only try to get into closest contact with Me.  Whoever desires bright spiritual enlightenment, has My full love, because his spirit longs for Me, and I grant him everything which cause him to come closer to Me.  I awaken the longing in him to be able to be fulfillment for him, I direct his way towards the right goal, the eternal home ....



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