Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0780 18.2.1939

Meaning of life ....
Faith and love ....

He who strives to fulfill the will of God has fully grasped the meaning of life.  He who recognizes himself as the creature of the Father in heaven also knows that the Father has given him a task for his earthly existence; he knows that he must do everything that the Father's wisdom has decided, and he will now naturally subordinate himself to the Divine will and strive to fulfill every commandment of the Father.  If he now puts the fulfillment of the Divine commandments in the foreground, then he has also fully grasped the meaning of life, and his earthly life will truly not be without success for eternity.

Now the degree of love for the Father will always determine the seriousness of the striving for perfection; he who is absorbed in love for God, will gladly and joyfully fulfill all commandments, and therefore also such an earthly child will be seized by the Father's hand and will be drawn up by His love.  Faith is also rooted in the recognition of his destiny on earth .... Man must first believe in a Creator, in His love, wisdom and omnipotence and recognize himself as His product, then he will also understand the meaning of life and, since he believes, also strive to live completely according to the meaning.

And so then the natural consequence of this recognition is that he always looks at his whole life, his actions and thoughts in the light of this recognition and makes every effort to do what is God's will.  For he recognizes himself as the child of the heavenly Father, and so now all the actions of man are based on pure love for God, an intimate relationship is established with the Father .... it is born again to new life .... to spiritual life in the midst of the material environment.  It now seeks and finds it's Savior and Redeemer everywhere, it frees itself from the power of evil by virtue of love for the Savior, and thus earthly life with it's earthly activity is only the unimportant, self-fulfilling accompanying life of the actual existence.  Man will strive with all his will for the greatest possible perfection .... for the most zealous observance of the Divine commandments; and his zeal will already be blessed on earth, because the Father will provide abundantly for His child, first and foremost spiritually .... but will also not let it live in want earthly, as far as it is useful for the salvation of the soul.

And so only those people are able to grasp the meaning of life correctly to whom earthly needs seem trivial and unimportant .... who are able to gladly and willingly separate themselves from matter and to whom the Divine Savior is the epitome of all longing for love.  For the intimate relationship, the devotion to the Savior, will only make the true meaning of life comprehensible to man .... Without the one, it will also not be possible to understand the other .... Only those who always keep life in eternity in mind as their goal, will be able to truly act in a meaningful way on this earth.

Who is too much seized and dominated by matter, he will still turn his love to many things, before this is solely meant for the Divine Savior.  And as long as the striving upwards .... the absorption in His will and the fulfillment of His commandments will remain an empty concept for people - because only the love for Christ makes all this comprehensible to us.  Therefore, the earthly child always gives itself to the Father in heaven as it's own .... it commits itself to Him with full will, if it has correctly recognized the meaning of earthly life, which is based on faith and love for Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world ....



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