Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0781 19.2.1939

The work as a bearer of truth ....
Foresight of spiritual need ....

Your task is of such nature, that the Lord reveals Himself to you to be able to express himself unrestrictedly where the necessity for the salvation of people is obvious.  All struggle in earthly life is at present only for the gaining of earthly power, and therefore all spiritual interests are put on the back-burner.  Yes, it will come so far that one tries to drown out everything spiritual, that one will only look at and evaluate all of life purely earthly and will declare war on every spiritual attitude. And so mankind turns more and more to materialism and completely misjudges it's actual task on earth.  And the Lord wants to counter such misery on earth and now for His part renew and restore the spiritual connection to mankind where it has been completely lost.

People may want to reject this way and refer to the previous work of God, which did not need such obvious proofs .... They too will realize one day how necessary God's intervention has now become, they too will become aware in the coming time how endangered the spiritual situation of mankind is and how - only by obvious proofs of spiritual power and spiritual activity - this dangerous condition can be stopped and how on the other hand the true content of life is to be sought only in the spiritual knowledge. ... how, in spite of external hardship and distress, spiritually vigorous and active people are far more content and inwardly more secure in life than people who strive after earthly values without a true knowledge of God.

What is offered to them also outwardly in wealth, honor and worldly pleasures, cannot offer the slightest substitute for spiritual recognition and also not banish the emptiness in their hearts .... and to bring now a clear proof to mankind that their striving for earthly good is worthless and nonsensical .... clearly recognizable in a moment by the power of the Most High .... to make them understand the idle run of their life .... an event is planned which is to point visibly upward.  In the spiritual distress of mankind, which has been shaken up by this event, the desire for clarification or indications will awake .... Many who rejected everything until then, will want to hear and know.  But he will now give such proofs much more credence, which obviously testify to the work of God, than the traditions existing up to the time, which will still find the same rejection, because they are incomprehensible to man and are not recognized as pure truth.

For reasons which can now be easily explained, the heavenly Father seeks to bring the right light to all these willing ones, and that in a form which fully corresponds to the thinking and spiritual requirements of the people and only needs the will of the individual to be received with the heart.  As a future bearer of Divine truth, this work shall find entrance among mankind, and therefore no concerns and worries will need to worry the hearts, because the spiritual power, which is hidden behind the emergence of this work, will also protect it from any danger from the outside.

The time has come where a renewed onslaught will apply to all spiritual endeavors, and more and more demands will be made on you humans .... A general spiritual shallowing will be the result, more and more eagerly people will try to eradicate what could still lead mankind to faith in Jesus Christ .... A state of such sad spiritual emptiness will cause also the earthly life in comfort to not give any more satisfaction to the people, but they nevertheless completely reject a spiritual teaching .... because they are simply not able to give that direction to their thoughts, but are full of worldly wisdom, and their thinking therefore does not allow change into the area of the spiritual.  Exalted over the teachings, which testify to an eternal Godhead, conscious of their wise intellect-thinking, thoroughly materially minded, the belief in God, in a Redeemer, is simply unacceptable to them.

The darkness of the spirit has taken over, and so unspeakable difficulties have to be overcome if the soul of such a person is to be transformed .... This state of people is close at hand.  Only an infinitesimally small part holds on to the faith and will therefore be attacked.  Just these few need strength and comfort in great measure, because many temptations will approach them to make even these few apostate from the Lord.

Thus the Lord has provided and sends nourishing and strong food to the people everywhere .... Whoever pays attention, recognizes the threads that weave invisibly from heaven to earth .... Whoever lifts up his eyes to God also feels His love .... Soon you people who want to believe, will feel the first signs of spiritual confusion .... and if you do not stand firm, you will waver and look for comfort and strength .... It can then also happen that you no longer recognize the language of heaven, if you seek and expect it only where it was offered to you so far ....

They will try to shake or take everything away from you and want to accomplish this in such a (clever) way that you will get into great trouble and then have to prove the firm faith in the Savior.  And whoever then has the Savior in him, his heart will remain firm and will not give Him up for the sake of external advantage.  And you will have to draw the strength to resist out of His Word, and you will have to suffer a lot for the Lord - but always bearable - if you make use of His gifts from above, because they will be given to you in wise foresight of what is coming.

Be careful, therefore, how quickly this time will come upon you .... Blessed is he who does not take offense at the Word that Divine Love gives you .... who is eagerly committed to it and draws all strength from it .... for he will survive the time of trial ....




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