Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0783 21.02.1939

Canonisation ....

Being so securely protected you will truly not run the risk to offend against divine will, because countless spiritual beings are making an effort to safeguard the success of this work and your spiritual well-being and thus also guarantee their protection, so that you may receive what is spiritually offered to you, unimpeded and without hesitation. Many a question shall still be answered for humanity through you, many a problem shall be resolved and many a doubt removed, and thus your devotion and diligent work will constantly be required. The more willingly and joyfully you do this work, the easier it will be for the helpers in the beyond to make themselves understood, and thus a message is intended for you today which concerns a very controversial subject:

Canonisation is arousing the indignation of many a person, since it is, from their point of view, an interference with divine law and divine judgment. But those who felt entitled and destined to establish a community of Saints have in fact assumed to possess a competence of judgment which undoubtedly far surpasses human abilities. Because they will never be knowledgeable enough .... to conduct such canonisation in complete lawfulness. What do people know of another person's inner life? .... Only God can look into a person's heart, only He alone is able to measure the earthly child's degree of love .... Only He can dispense in accordance with merit and knows to judge the innermost nature, the maturity of soul ....

Hence people established an unlawful spiritual community which as such became the centre of admiration and prayers, which truly cannot have been intended by the Heavenly Father, because it is more likely to result in the earthly child's separation from the Father than in a heartfelt relationship with Him. The human being no longer approaches the Heavenly Father Himself in prayer but attempts to reach his goal through intercession, and this will always hamper the right relationship with the Father. The spiritual beings who take care of you are certainly always chosen by God for this office, they also stand by you with all their spiritual strength, they guard and protect you and are constantly concerned for your spiritual advancement; however, it depends on God's will as to who is chosen for your protection, because you humans would not have the right knowledge to decide whom to turn to in order to mature spiritually and to obtain the greatest benefit for the salvation of your soul. When people on earth presume to anticipate the eternal Deity's judgment, when they feel entitled to canonise or to condemn, it is similar to an anticipation of divine Judgment .... it is a supposedly irrefutable testimony of an honourable way of life which is pleasing to God, the evidence of which, however, can never be produced by a person ....

As long as he lives on earth the human being will err, and therefore his judgment will not be irrefutable either. Anyone who outwardly portrays himself to live in a God-pleasing way is very often still far removed from it within himself, and equally, a person passing by unnoticed in earthly life will very often be enlightened, with a pure inner life and a heart that became love on earth. And so people should not wrongly assume a right to which they are not entitled, because this canonisation is not beneficial for humanity, rather it is misleading those who are seeking the truth ....




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