Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0787 25.2.1939

(Continuation to No. 786) Way of the soul before the earthly existence ....
Theory of re-embodiment ....

Visualize the greatness and omnipotence of God, and only then you will be able to grasp the immeasurable love which surrounds you earthly children, that every still so smallest living being stands in everlasting care of the heavenly Father and can never ever be destroyed, because the love of God has innumerable means and ways to lead also the most unworthy .... being who consciously resists the will of God, anyway on the way of realization, even if often after an unspeakably long time.  Again and again new covers are assigned to the being, and again and again the development of these through so many resistances, is a new opportunity to mature.

To achieve as high a spiritual maturity as possible in earthly life is however extremely profitable for the soul, because the fight in earthly life is certainly difficult in itself and demands much overcoming, perseverance and work, but again just in earthly life, the being is offered abundant advantages, which already make maturing possible in a relatively short time.  But where the will of the human being is blatantly opposed to the help offered to him, there perfection is questionable, and often even regression is to be registered ....

Now the love of the Father in heaven is ever and always anxious to lead the being to it's last destiny, and indeed now also in the hereafter the soul is offered the opportunity to work on it's perfection and to rise into the state which results in a detachment from all matter.  This is a far more difficult beginning in a world where everything tangible exists only in the imagination of the being, where the soul is - as it were - still entangled in all desires and worldly cravings, where it is exposed to all hostilities of such kind and cannot free itself from them by it's own strength, where all desires, which contributed to the fulfillment of earthly cravings in earthly life, now become a torment, since they can no longer be fulfilled and cause this agonizing state for the soul until it consciously turns away from it and feels a desire for purely spiritual enjoyment.

Such a desire will immediately be met by the more perfect spirit-beings who are active in love, who do everything to free an unhappy soul from it's state.  The soul will be helped immediately, only it's will must have become active independently and turn away from what still connects it with earthly and worldly desire.

Where and how this reshaping of the beings happens, has still been a cause of dispute for people, concerning the re-embodiment on earth.  So it is enough for you to know that infinite times have passed and innumerable shells in most different formations have enclosed your soul .... that all these living beings resided in, on and above the earth by God's will, but always standing in the closest connection with the earth just existing for the purpose of maturing .... that the last stage as a human being can likewise only be lived through on earth .... but that with the leaving of the earthly body, the soul passes into a realm which is now completely independent of  the earth, no matter which state of maturity the soul has reached on earth.

For their further development there are the most unthinkable opportunities also outside of this earth, and once the soul has left it's physical earthly shell and the millennia-long stay on earth has not brought it the last maturity, then such an unspeakably difficult struggle begins in the hereafter.  It would be about the same as if the father would be more and more lenient with an underage child who refuses to obey him, instead of putting him into a strict school which makes him realize the wrongness of his actions....




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