Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0788 25.2.1939

(Continuation to No. 786 and 787) Way of the soul before the earthly existence ....
Theory of re-embodiment ....

How far the heavenly Father's care for His children on earth extends, is evident from the fact that every embodiment beforehand already guarantees the most possible spiritual development which can be achieved in this form, so that the soul of man is in a certain degree of maturity when it enters the body of flesh and now the last embodiment is fully sufficient for the winning of the sonship of God, if man makes it his business to utilize earthly life to the best of his ability for spiritual progress.

If this time of grace has passed uselessly or with little success for the soul because of it's own will or resistance, this is all the more regrettable because now the being has to bear the consequences of it's resistance itself, i.e. at the same time everything immature and unfinished spiritual also has the effect of suffering and punishment ....

The soul will suffer in the same measure as it recognizes it's weaknesses and mistakes and can no longer free itself from these, as on earth .... The time of grace of the own redemption is over, and if the work of redemption and love of the perfect beings would not start to assist the soul and to bring it up, the soul would now be lost without salvation.

But it is a wrong assumption that one would be able to take up a uselessly spent life on earth again at will in order to make up for the missed self-redemption.  If this were intended by the Lord of Creation without exception, there would be no need for the work of redemption of the Divine Savior, because then every being would be free to repeat the once missed or badly used life on earth at will, and the great blessing of the work of redemption would be considerably reduced, whereas, however, just for the short duration of earthly life through the work of redemption, graces without measure were acquired for man to just make a complete freedom from matter possible in this time, although it is left up to every man to choose this way of grace, to either make use of it or to make use of the suffering.  It is up to every human being to choose this way of grace or to take the time of suffering in the hereafter with all agonies upon himself.

The infinite love of God does not let any being fall into eternal ruin, and the possibilities of purification are endless, but you will only be allowed to use the time on earth once, except for the few cases where the Lord connects a special task or intention with it .... , but these can never be generalized.

The doctrine of re-embodiment is always to the detriment of man, for in a certain lukewarmness of spirit they will always seek their consolation or justification in the fact that they can one day make up for everything they lack, and such a doctrine will never be beneficial, for only tireless work on themselves can bring them the success that they can look back on their lives with satisfaction some day .... while the doctrine of re-embodiment always leaves a loophole open which the weak, careless and lukewarm make use of.

Not for one minute of your life should you forget your goal, always strive for reunion with God and try to utilize the time on earth to the utmost, only then will you make yourself worthy of the careful loving care that the Lord God has bestowed upon you during the infinitely long path that you have walked until your existence on earth ....




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