Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0789 26.2.1939

Fight against evil ....
Care of the inner life ....
Habitual worries ....

You will always have to make an effort to fight against the power of the evil one, because his cunning and his tricks are unbelievable and throw you back again and again, if you do not make every effort to become his master.  And he makes use of all available means and seeks to turn the hearts of the believers away from their love for God and their struggle for perfection.  And he succeeds in this very often, since he has all means on his side, which are closer to the desires of the earthly man, which demand fulfillment only too gladly.

But a believing, God-trusting heart will be able to resist all incentives and temptations of this world, and the reward will be his, if he faithfully serve the heavenly Father.  And it thus has the greatest advantage to expect, which does not slacken in the struggle with the evil powers ....

Man should take the greatest care of his inner life, then the source of wisdom will open up to him.  He should try to avert the slightest danger to his soul by taming himself and thus not allowing the opposing power to gain control over him.  As soon as he observes that all human impulses are in certain opposition to the demands of the soul, danger is approaching, and if he now gives in to these impulses, the first step has been taken towards stumbling or deviating from the right path.

This will become very clear to you when you strive for a living union with God and have to recognize how you distance yourselves in spirit from the heavenly Father when you give in to human impulses .... and what force you have to use in order to feel like a child of the Father again.  To enter into the right relationship with Him is often not as difficult as to restore the right relationship once it has been loosened.  And this should warn you.  There are then always bad forces at work that want to destroy what the good forces have built up.

Follow the inner voice that always gives you hints on how much nobler it is to bear adversity than to rebel against injustice, the origin of which is always the lack of spiritual maturity.  Everyone worries about what seems to him to be the highest .... Now, if this concern is for earthly needs, man's mind is still abundantly earthly, and he can hardly be expected to concern himself with spiritual goods.

In the same way, a spiritually advanced person cannot understand being absorbed in earthly concerns, because he has learned to regard them as trivial and unimportant and cannot understand that time, strength and will cannot be used more profitably for eternity.

The earthly man so often does not want to miss the worry out of old habit .... he has the possibility to become free of it, if he entrusts everything trustingly to the eternal Divinity, but he prefers to remain burdened with it himself and avoids every help which is offered to him.  And it is difficult to help such a soul in order to give it inner peace.  But then the fellow human being should make use of the greatest love and patience and try again and again to instruct such an erring person rightly, as often as it is possible, because all resistance will once die down once, and always the winner will remain, who practices patience, never lets unkindness arise and asks the heavenly Father for blessing for His intention to guide the erring person rightly and to help Him to inner peace. ....




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