Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Spiritual exchange of ideas ....
Distance from the world ....

You must recognize everything as pure-spiritual exchange of thoughts what points you to the task given to you for earthly life, and likewise you must be able to separate all earthly desire from that what the soul is to strive for on earth.  Everything that serves man for pleasure and joy, everything that creates well-being for the body, and everything that causes a state of happiness on earth, is never of advantage for the soul and it's liberation.  And in the same measure the soul is deprived of the possibility to mature, as the body's earthly desire is fulfilled.  Now, a wall pushes itself so to speak in front of the one, as soon as the other is taken into account.

A person's actions will be beneficial for the soul only when he disregards the desires of the body and occupies himself mainly with spiritual things.  Every self-mortification will only contribute more and more to the spiritualization of the soul.  A new area is opened up to it, which makes the term "life" far more comprehensible than the fulfillment of earthly pleasures.  The more one-sidedly man lives, the more he will deepen himself, and that always in the direction which demands the greatest interest from him.  Thus, the man who is purely spiritually active, will soon penetrate into a knowledge that brings unimaginable profit to his soul.

It is therefore commanded to make use of every spiritual attention, because it is always advantageous for the soul when it is supplied with nourishment, which every spiritual stimulation inevitably is for the soul .... It's condition becomes considerably freer, and all concern of people should therefore be to create as much as possible stimulation for themselves in spiritual respect.  And this can happen again only if one distances oneself from the world and it's desires, because only the renunciation of this, lets everything spiritual come to the highest development.

Where one gladly and voluntarily imposes sacrifices on oneself, one will find complete substitute that will satisfy the soul.  In the end, the pleasures of the world will seem stale to man, and he will no longer find satisfaction in them, while the spiritual desire grows the more it is fulfilled, and this maturing within oneself alone is the best proof that the soul can never be satisfied .... that it can again and again receive spiritually or be active and yet never the feeling of being over-satiated could stop it in the work on itself or let it become tired.

Therefore people are to do everything to collect spiritual good; they are to always go with their friends and guides on the other side through earthly life in good agreement and conduct lively spiritual exchange of thoughts on the way of wanting to receive, no matter in which form.  Every willing concession will be met immediately, and every soul will be granted what it deeply longs for ....

If it wants to remain in the worldly, it is free to do so, but indisputably all immersion in the spiritual will earn it great strength and drive it to ever more active work, and this is then the actual earthly task, to which you humans are to be pointed, so that you fulfill it properly ....




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