Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0802 9.3.1939

Spiritual food ....
Truth ....
Revelation ....

Accept the spiritual food as the greatest gift of grace from the Divine Savior and make yourselves worthy of this grace.  And whoever has the office of being a mediator, who is allowed to receive these graces in order to pass them on to the people on earth .... who performs this office with joyful giving .... , his spirit will be ceaselessly active and gain insight into all creation.  He will be introduced into a living connection with the Divine Creator by Himself, and everything that was veiled before his eyes until now will, as it were, appear as a clear bright picture before his spiritual eye, and man will be knowledgeable and recognize the pure truth.  And so a new time will also have to show it's new designs ....

Shortly a revelation will become known, which the Lord also gave to the people for this purpose, that they recognize by it any intervention of a Divine Being. Who now in the compulsive state recognizes the truthfulness of His words and draws the benefit from it by affirming himself and fulfilling all the requirements of this Word, he has likewise been seized by the power of the Divine Spirit.  He is now without any doubt .... it is no longer difficult for him to believe .... his heart turns to his neighbor in love, and from that moment on, his spiritual treasures increase ....



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