Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0803 10.3.1939

Freedom of the spirit ....
Otherworldly assistance to earthly activity ....

Raise your spirit and let it move away from earth, and you will hear the language of the almighty Creator.  To experience a visible sign of His omnipotence opens the way for you, because your faith is strengthened, and you can now also grasp the works of the Creator, which are not visible to you, through deep faith.  An immensely important task is therefore to grant the spirit in you unhindered freedom to rise into the realm of Divine activity.  The outer shell of the spirit is not able to do the same, which is why a separation of spirit and body must precede, which is only feasible if the body has assisting forces at it's disposal, which have a determining influence on the action of the latter, when the spirit of the latter swings itself upwards.

This is to be understood in such a way that, as it were, all actions, which the body now carries out, need a certain motive power and this motive power is just the work of the helpful spiritual forces.  This activity is not perceptible to man in any other way than that he is spiritually active at the same time and also fully fulfills the earthly task .... He will be able to receive and to give at the same time, he will be strengthened psychologically and unhindered physically, because an eager spiritual striving need not result in a lessening of physical activity, if the latter is trustingly handed over to the helpful beings.  It is always and only the will of man that he, if he is ready to receive, is considered in every way.

He who is continuously active for his soul's shaping, remains in constant communion with good spiritual power; it is at his disposal at any time, if he desires to use it.  If man has recognized this and has willingly given himself into the care of his spiritual friends, he need not fear a failure of the power he needs for earthly life and his earthly activity.  From the Divine side, man is never asked to do more than he is able to do, and resources are always available to him in unlimited quantities.  Whoever in this faith makes use of all these means for the full development of his spirit, is also relieved of all burdens of earthly life .... he now still walks on earth, as it were, but has already stripped himself of all fetters, if he seeks the supernatural in lively spiritual activity and is able to separate himself conceptually from earth with full will.

Such an entry into higher spheres eases his earthly state immensely and brings the soul the necessary maturity in far shorter time .... and so man is to cultivate the spiritual life in himself with full will, he is not to let himself be frightened back by the earthly task given to him .... he is to always remain aware of the fact that innumerable beings are prepared to help to fulfil it, if their help is consciously demanded.  For only in this way can the soul be granted assistance, and all spiritual power is perpetually ready to give him this assistance ....



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