Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0804 10.3.1939

Essence of the Godhead ....
Wanting to fathom ....
Indifference ....

The essence of the Godhead is unfathomable to humans as long as they stay on earth, because an infinitely wise spirit hides behind the concept of God .... a Being which is incomprehensible to man and yet again stands in closest connection to him.  Only the state of perfection of man or his soul enables it to penetrate the greatest problem and to solve it.  Even then not in the most exhaustive way, but then revealing the most sublime Divine being explainable to a being of light.

But man on earth is never able to come closer to the solution of this question .... there is, as it is, a set limit, which cannot be exceeded in earthly life, and if man begins to suspect the greatness of the Godhead, then this is only the reflection of Him, Who can never be recognized in all greatness and sublimity.  And therefore all striving for the truth concerning the Divine Creator Himself, would have to be completely useless on earth, because this question can never be solved completely.  However, a desire to fathom the eternal Godhead will be pleasing to the Father in heaven, because it presupposes a desire for Him and therefore also an acknowledgement of this Godhead as Creator of all things and beginning of all existence.

A complete indifference towards this question will also exclude the belief in the Deity, and such people will reach that state of light only in an inconceivably long time .... after endless long struggles and sufferings in the hereafter ...., but on earth they are still very far away from asking spiritual questions, and the question of the Divinity in particular will only impose itself on him when a certain degree of maturity has been reached and the soul often rises into spiritual regions. 

However, as long as man is still too attached to matter, the soul is held in bonds, it neither seeks to find enlightenment about the supreme Being, nor does it strive to connect spiritually with this Being, and therefore the state of the soul is still a very bleak one, it has not yet recognized it's origin and remains wandering and lightless as long as it does not step on the spiritual bridge which points it into light regions ....




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