Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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The remote effect of thoughts ....

In the remote effect of the thoughts, man recognizes most likely a supersensible power, because he must then see all activity of the people eliminated and admit that something is at work which he otherwise would like to deny.  If now, however, obviously something comes to light which thoroughly shakes the customary will of rejection .... if someone is influenced in his thoughts to carry out something what does not correspond to his own will at all, it is a  proof that another force uses the will of the person to express itself.

This is also denied with pleasure, and one tries to give an explanation in such a way that the weakness of will of the human being is a pathological condition which is abused by the strong-willed partner.  Even this explanation, however, does not exclude the possibility that one person can mentally influence the other, but is rather a confirmation of it .... because both - the weak as well as the strong-willed man - stand as completely separate individual beings - seen purely externally - in creation, which, however, does not exclude that a force can determine them to be active in some way, and that this force, if it is greatly demanded, can also be imparted.

Every thought is spiritual power, it can therefore be requested, received and passed on .... and this could be used far more on earth from person to person if love was inherent in people and a certain spiritual state of maturity would eliminate an abuse of this power.  But where this power is used in spiritual maturity, the thought-life of a fellow human being can be strongly influenced already on earth .... Recognizing this, great attention must be paid to thought-transference, because it is a proof of the working of a power, which one want to deny, humanly or earthly seen ....




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