Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0808 12.3.1939

Community on earth and in the hereafter for the salvation of erring souls ....

This is the will of the Creator, that on earth as in the hereafter a community is formed, which is willing to serve Him and therefore is active in the will of the Lord for the salvation of the erring souls.  Whoever serves Him, has the task of devoting himself wholeheartedly to the Lord, for only in this way can he accept the Lord's will, then also act accordingly and be active as a helper in the community of spiritual striving.  All the demands placed upon him, concern only the salvation of the soul.  He who is able to eliminate earthly desires and worries will be well-suited to administer his office as a mediator of the gifts from above.  He can receive spiritual goods, take them into himself and also pass them on, and will be an industrious worker in the vineyard of the Lord. And the Lord needs many such workers, because time is pressing.

The more active you are, the more abundantly threads from the beyond to the earth will be spun, and an unbreakable band will be woven, which connects all willing earthly children with the spiritual power .... The bridge from the earth to the beyond will be built, on which the children of the earth will reach the Father unhindered, if they only desire Him.  And because this has become indispensably necessary, because the people on earth will need the Lord very soon urgently, the spiritual cooperation of the good spiritual power on this side and on the other side, is an equally urgent necessity, because otherwise mankind would be without salvation and without help at the mercy of the raging of the enemy's power, if the same precautions were not taken on the part of the Creator to offer resistance to the evil activities and to build up a wall, which shall be impregnable for the enemy.

Everyone who is willing to enlighten and preach the gospel to the people on earth in spiritual vigor, contributes to the building of this wall .... He will defend the wall as a fighter of Christ, he will help to fortify it, and he will try to win the victory over everything that is spiritually hostile to him.

And this will let the multitudes of God's fighters gain power .... the more will unite to live solely for the purpose of bringing souls to the Divine Saviour and to wrest souls from the opposing power, the greater will be the success, because in the union of God's fighters on earth also lies their power .... they have the Divine Lord and Saviour Himself as their Leader, and He guides them through all dangers to victory .... He forms them according to His will, He gives them power and strength, and thus equipped, success must be certain - for everything that fights for God, stands in love .... And love must and will always triumph over evil .... The power of hate will do nothing against the power of love.

And whoever on earth desires to be accepted into the community of those who serve the Lord in all loyalty, he can certainly expect the greatest help of the spiritual friends who in the same love and willingness to serve, strive to increase the army of God's fighters on earth and continuously offer their help to Him.  And so the willing to serve will also have much success, all good forces of heaven and earth will work together, and only one goal will be their work: the winning of erring souls for eternal life ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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