Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Self-redemption of the soul ....
Striving for union ....

The soul which carries the desire for spiritual nourishment, redeems itself.  The consciousness of it's departure from God lets the desire for spiritual nourishment arise and become stronger and stronger, because it feels in itself it's belonging to God and an indomitable longing.  Being united in the state of light and being able to be in closest communion with the Divine Saviour, lets it strive with all power for spiritual maturity, and it separates consciously and in a short time from all matter and only always strives for pure-spiritual intercourse and exchange of thoughts with the friends on the other side, and it's effort will also soon have success, because so much support is now offered to it, and it is instructed and satiated with food and drink from the heavens and therefore remains in constant connection with spiritual power.

The soul is now anxious to utilize everything it has absorbed in order to reach the state of maturity as soon as possible, and therefore also consciously turns to the right Source of spiritual knowledge .... to the Divine Father Himself, and if the nourishment comes from Himself, the earthly child will already be able to free itself from every material bond in a short time.  It will get refreshment more and more often and will not leave any opportunity unused which could earn it the presence of the Saviour, and thus it is always and at any time ready to exchange the life on earth with the life in the beyond, always in the belief and the hope to thereby put an end to the separation from the Father and to be united with Him eternally.

A soul which endeavors to redeem itself by gladly and willingly renouncing all the pleasures of the world and remaining completely active in love, will in the foreseeable future already make contact with the Divine Creator Himself; it will be seized, as it were, by the spiritual power which seeks to influence on earth what does not show itself directly opposed to it.

The more willingly man meets the efforts of these givers of strength, the more obviously the total effect on the human soul can be recognized, and if man asks for the strength to let the will become active and at the same time to stand in the service of charity, then soon on the spiritually active side, also success will be recorded .... the soul will find it's full satisfaction in spiritual work and will be ready to give up it's stay on earth at any time in order to be able to be completely absorbed in spiritual striving in the hereafter, freed from it's previous fetters, and to serve the Divine Lord and Master in humility and love.  When this desire has awakened in the soul, the earth with all worldly pleasures is completely disregarded, and it's mind turns only to the Divine Creator and strives without ceasing only for final union with the heavenly Father ....




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