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BD 0815 18.3.1939

Explanation of Book 17 No. 0814 ....
Effects of dispute on the soul ....

People demand justice and do not have the right standard for their own actions, and if every man would be willing to take the feeling of justice into account, all quarrels and discord would soon be eliminated, but often man considers himself rather entitled to demand all consideration for himself, but to deny this to his fellow man, and so the latter provokes the displeasure of the fellow man, and peace is considerably disturbed.  And this again has the consequence that people become enemies, that they reduce the love in themselves and build up a wall among themselves, and such a state will never contribute to the advancement of the soul, but it is rather forced into a kind of standstill, it loses itself in thoughts, which are completely useless and worthless, and thus deprives the soul of precious time of work, which would be conducive to it's advancement.

When you people thus consider the effect of a quarrel, it will have to be your serious striving to avoid all such hostilities and to rather take an injustice upon yourselves than to cause far greater harm to the soul by striving to settle a dispute.  You use your willpower on completely unimportant questions and their solution and do not consider that you also do not draw the slightest advantage for the soul from an outcome of a dispute which is favorable for you, and that should always keep you back from conducting debates about useless things, since they only earn you harmful effects for the soul.  To leave all rules of such questions to God, is far more reasonable and leads to far greater success.

(And now listen to the voice of the heart and take up a closer explanation about the communication incomprehensible to you, which concerns the mental influencing of the banished spiritual in creation .... As it is obvious and understandable to you, the creation - i.e. everything what is visible to you - serves nevertheless only the purpose to grant stay to the spiritual, and everything is therefore animated by the spiritual.  This applies to everything visible to you.

So now the spirit-carrier is exposed to the human's shaping will .... therefore all matter, which serves so to speak as material to the human being again to be transformed in his hand .... Now, for his part, man has the possibility of influencing the spiritual power that is inherent in matter .... and he can so to speak influence this spiritual power in such a way that it can finish it's course of development faster and even leave this form.

It must therefore be the endeavor of man to recognize in all matter the banished spiritual, to assist this spiritual and to see to it as far as possible that a permanent change and utilization of matter lets all spiritual in itself become free .... that man contributes, as it were, to shorten the lifespan of matter in unchanged form .... it must become clear to him that nothing in the universe keeps it's form for a long time and that a constant change of the outer form, helps the spiritual entity to ascend.

He who looks at everything in this sense and is ready to help by seeing in all works of creation shells of spiritual substance and therefore is active himself to transform this shell permanently, and this in full consciousness to assist the spiritual entities, his task is only fulfilled properly by this, because he is not only active for himself and his spiritual welfare, but at the same time for the helpless entities, which are not yet able to free themselves consciously, whose way is then shortened considerably.

For if man believes that all creation is and remains spirit-bearing, he will also be clear about the fact that he, as a likewise spirit-bearer, must find a connection with the spiritual entity by subjecting the outer form to frequent change and everything that comes into being under the hands of man is, as it were, always permitted by God's will for the formation of a new outer form, which is again entitled to receive the spiritual substance in itself.  Only the will of man is needed for this.

And only the belief that all creation is spiritually enlivened, as well as all love-striving, which is meant for the liberation of the spiritual substance, is an auxiliary factor for these beings, which cannot be valued highly enough.  And every work which you start in this consciousness will also carry the blessing of God in it; because it is all His spiritual co-workers who are active for the redemption of the beings, on earth as well as in the hereafter ....)




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