Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0816 19.3.1939

Transformation of the external form ....
Transformation of the Spiritual ....

As on earth a constant transformation of all forms takes place, as nothing remains permanently in the same form, so also all spiritual things which are in a form, must experience a same transformation, which does not take place visibly to the human eye, but is clearly recognizable in the spiritual world.  The spiritual beings perceive very soon when such a spiritual transformation to the height is happening, and they use every possibility to promote this higher development by lovingly taking care of the being striving spiritually to the height.

It is again only to be explained that all spirit-bearers on earth - i.e. all matter and all living beings - always then have to register a spiritual progress when they let themselves be influenced mentally by higher spiritual power, because then a united and therefore strengthened spiritual power works and has to register as such accordingly greater success.  Wherever a spirit-bearer is favorably influenced, he must strive upward, and everything striving upwards joins together again, and contributes to the increase of the spiritual power .... A substance that has been enlarged in such a way, must understandably also have an external form adapted to it, which is why every transformation of the spirit also necessitates the transformation of the external form.

And so is in a way, in all works of creation, clearly recognizable to what extent the spiritual substance dwells in them, because also the outer form will be correspondingly bigger and more perfect, the more developed it's soul - i.e. everything spiritual in it - is.  It is now also understandable to man why the body, i.e. the fleshly body of man, has to show similarities in many respects with the already quite developed animal-bodies, because the soul is already so far formed with the latter, that it only needs the unification with substances missing to it in order to be able to fully satisfy the demands required of it for the embodiment as man, which is why also the outer form of man unites, so to speak, everything which has been taken from every form wandered through so far.

To understand this is not given to the human being on earth, because there are innumerable entities or soul-particles, which have formed themselves to a whole during the stay on earth .... but the human being does not possess the ability to intellectually think through all the stages of his becoming, and also not the capacity for the versatility and formative ability of a human soul .... With good will, he will certainly be convinced that the soul has reached human form through endless transformation, but he will never be able to grasp this spiritual miracle in all it's greatness and sublimity as long as he remains on earth ....




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