Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0817 19.3.1939

Active will ....
Free will ....

Every thought directed into the spiritual requires the full will of man and is therefore the active will of man, no matter whether the activity expresses itself mentally or in the exercise of works of love, which likewise first presuppose the thinking of man.  Man must always turn to all spiritual things out of free will by means of his available willpower.  In every action, which is now carried out, this willpower expresses itself, and so every action is determined by love, the willpower will become stronger and stronger, especially if this is requested consciously and believingly.

Then also every resistance must be overcome, man must also overcome himself, because he becomes strong in spirit, the more his will becomes active in him.  Man directs his gaze upward, he finds connection to the spiritual world, this imparts spiritual strength to him, which in turn strengthens his will and lets it become active, and thus man himself contributes to the integration of the Divine order, if only he has the will at all to recognize such an order. ....

That he deals with spiritual things is always a concession of his belonging to God, he demands back to that which is his exit from eternity .... his will .... And his will is the basic condition to reach his goal.  If the will has become active in man, then there is no more obstacle, because God has provided him with enough helpers, which a willing earthly child will now use to overcome the struggle on earth successfully.  For it has passed the test, it has used the freedom of will in the right way by consciously turning to the Father in heaven ....



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