Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0822 22.3.1939

God's Word as protection against all adversities ....
Power of faith ....

As the world adjusts itself to My teaching, so the events will take place which are destined for the earth.  In My teaching, everything is contained what was given to the earthly children for the task, and if they make an effort to comply with My commandments, their lot on earth will also be a bearable one; but who denies Me and My Word, he must do justice to his task in another way .... he must come through suffering and difficult days along the same way that he recognizes in Me his Creator and Judge .... he must likewise accept My Word on detours, and this way will be a difficult and thorny one, but it can also lead to the goal.

How easy earthly life would be for you, if you would only always pay attention to the Voice from above, which announces Itself in you.  And what suffering you could keep away yourselves through the fulfillment of My commandments, which I impart to people again and again in all purity.  The more intimately you receive My Word in you, the more you also receive the strength from Me in you, and you stand armed against all earthly suffering .... Consider this when you feel like rejecting My Word as the word of man - you thereby deprive yourselves of the strongest protection against all adversities of life.  Whoever does not acknowledge Me and does not carry My Word in himself .... who does not give Me the honor, and this by obeying My Word, I cannot grant him protection in severe adversity, because he rejects Me and does not see in Me the One who can help him ....

I am always ready for My children on earth and let none call in vain, but if they reject My help .... if they do not recognize in Me the Almighty of heaven and earth .... if they lack faith in My love and My omnipotence .... how can I then bring them help?  All your strength lies in deep faith, but without faith you are weak, helpless creatures.  Whoever has My Word and lives according to it, he also stands in deepest faith and is therefore strong against all hostilities which come from outside.  He will not feel the suffering of the earth like that and will also never be without help, because he has Me and lives according to My Word ....

That the world has dealt enough with the problem of detachment from Me and thereby also unspeakable suffering has already come over mankind, is indisputably proven - because the whole earth has so to speak become a flashpoint, and everywhere the same fight against My teaching rages. People do not know how to distinguish between My teachings and the statutes of man .... Their fight is directed at the one and extends to the other .... They want to destroy everything and destroy the faith in Me as the Redeemer of the world and in My Word, which I have taught at all times ....



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