Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0828 25.3.1939

Depression ....
Suffering is the Father's Love ....

An indescribable longing will awake in you, if you strive for perfection and think of the delights of heaven.  And this desire will help to throw off the soul's fetters, because the desire for the world and earthly pleasures will decrease in the same measure, the sense for the earthly will dwindle, and only that which means happiness for the soul will be desired.  And when you are in this state, all depression will also disappear, for everything worldly will no longer touch you, the soul will become free and leave the body unnoticed, and then nothing will be able to weigh it down, which in a less perfect state, causes it pain.  And so take this consolation and work only undauntedly on yourself, so you will also overcome such hours, where the pressure of the earth still weighs too much on you.

The Father in heaven knows about the needs of His children, and yet they cannot stay away completely, they should spur on what is tired and purify what is not yet clean.  Keeping this in mind, every day will bring you it's blessings, and you will come closer and closer to the state of liberation.  So often the soul is drifting, swaying to and fro and is not yet firm in itself, and then it needs such depressions to strengthen it and to stir up the desire for it's Creator.  When it has overcome such moods, then it will again be light and clear in it, and it lives with double concern of it's liberation.

It sometimes remains incomprehensible to people how God's Fatherly love often expresses itself in a way that touches people painfully; they find no explanation for it because they are not able to judge what unspeakable misery their lot would be if only always beautiful and joyful things awaited them on earth and that this misery would be far more painful than the suffering of earth.  The infinite love of the Father is only always ready to give and has never wanted the suffering of mankind .... As long as they do not violate the Divine order, every suffering would stay away from them, and they would only always feel the goodness and love of God.

But if their own will drives them to violate the Divine order and they would have to suffer unspeakable suffering in the hereafter because of this, because God has to be a just judge and cannot deny the sense of justice out of love for mankind, then He tries to convince man of his wrong thinking and acting while he is still on earth. .... He tries to influence him favorably and to make him compliant with the Divine will, and this in every way .... by His Word, which announces His will .... by admonitions and everlasting references to suffering and misfortune of fellow men and just by suffering, which concerns man himself .... but which can only be called minimal compared to the suffering, which awaits the incorrigible man in the hereafter.

Man on earth is not receptive to the Lord's great love .... The love of the world has taken hold of him in such a way that he, blinded by it's splendor and shine, does not recognize the warm mild light of Divine love .... because the adversary fights with violent means.  He seeks to awaken in man the love of splendor and pomp, and if the human heart succumbs to this love, it no longer feels the breath of Divine love.  And if the Father in heaven still wants to bring Himself to man's memory, then He can only do it through suffering .... , because in suffering he is most likely to find his way back to Him, and suffering can then become an unexpected blessing, where otherwise the love of the Divine Savior on earth is not respected ....




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