Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0832 28.3.1939

Airless space

Outside the earth is an airless space which serve as a place of banishment of the spiritual beings so that they long back for the form they want to escape from and therefore have to stay in the immediate vicinity of the earth.  This space is a separation from all that still remains in matter and from matter itself .... and the spiritual kingdom lying outside of matter - and will therefore already purely externally completely isolate the earth in the universe from the entire creation, which is indeed animated in the same way as the earth, but moves in completely different laws of necessity than they are comprehensible to the inhabitants of earth.

It is therefore in no way possible for humans to conquer this airless space and to make it passable by inventions of any kind, since just it's task, taken spiritually, is to push everything going out from earth back to earth again .... taken earthly, however, this space does not hold the fluid necessary for human life, which is indispensable for the body of man.  An attempt to conquer the border drawn by God's will, will inevitably also mean the earthly end of those trying, since everything, living being and matter, can remain viable only as long as it is in the area of the earth sheltering such life and matter, but outside of this, the elements causing this life are missing, out of again the Creator's wisely considered care for everything spiritual, which tries to escape from it's purpose and would only endlessly prolong it's way of purification.

The spiritual world dominating the air-empty space, is again in a certain state of maturity in which the function to such defense against everything earthly, is incumbent on it.  The further the beings develop, the more responsible also their task becomes, which however again and again is based on the welfare of the beings to be looked after and which is therefore also carried out with eagerness and love.  However, the human being as such will never succeed in making an area usable which completely contradicts the nature of the earth and therefore also does not offer the slightest possibility of life, and all researches of this area will remain unsuccessful or will result in the physical end of the researcher ....




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