Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0838 31.3.1939

Spiritual self-discipline ....
Mastering Earthly Work Depending on Spiritual ....

To remain in untiring spiritual activity also guarantees a continuously higher development of the soul, and therefore those striving upwards, will always have to put effort into perpetual spiritual self-discipline; they will have to let all spiritual work take precedence and must not be hindered by earthly duties .... For a far greater precious good is to be gained than can ever be done earthly, and if man now believes that he can be held back by earthly activity, he will not be prevented from doing so from above, but he can only be afraid of acting regressively in a spiritual respect, and thus all will should first apply to the maintenance of spiritual activity, then man will also be relieved of all earthly worry.

The morning work will always remain irreplaceable to you and should therefore take it's course if possible, because all forces are available to you at this time and are also able to penetrate your thoughts more easily.  So always pay attention to the following: Whatever comes your way, it is only permitted to test and steel your will.  You must not fall victim to these temptations, because it is only up to your will that countless beings stand by your side and grant you assistance, if you only intend to follow the spiritual work.  In every way relief is offered to you, although it is not always obvious to you, because spiritually you receive many things, which you do not feel physically, but which are gratefully felt by the soul.

The same activity of the thoughts in earthly work is likewise a spiritual power imparted to you, so that you are therefore supported in such a way that the earthly work becomes surmountable for you and you therefore owe every success to the simultaneous activity in the spiritual field.  Leave the worries of how you will cope with the earthly tasks .... because your increased willpower, which you devote to this, is certainly not the security for it to succeed; however, if you always put the spiritual work in the foreground, every success will be granted to you.  And so it is incomparably more valuable to leave yourself in fullest confidence to your spiritual guidance than to want to reach a set goal by your own utmost effort, if this is only seen in the accomplishment of earthly activity.



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