Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0842 2.4.1939

Judgment is not the end of the world ....
Reshaping the Earth ....

Take care of the sick and the poor who are suffering in spiritual distress.  And wherever it is your will to manage this, it will be given to you that you speak according to the will of the Lord.  For His blessing will be with you if you work for Him.  And so hear the voice from above: It is so hard for a struggling soul to struggle to be united with Jesus Christ, because it's will alone is too weak, and it also no longer finds a right connection, so that it wearily and apathetically longs only for rest.  And so help must be offered to it by directing it's mind to the suffering of Jesus on the cross.  The thought of helping the Lord to bear this great suffering will make the suffering bearable, and the soul will find it's Savior, it's Redeemer, and the final union with it's Creator.

In nameless sorrow, the Lord remembered on the cross all the sinfulness of mankind and spoke the words: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do ...." And so this hour of death became the hour of mankind's redemption from sin.  And as the hour of death is also granted to man and he remembers the suffering and death of the Savior in this hour, the guilt is also taken from him, and his gaze is directed heavenward, he no longer feels the suffering of the earth and is freed from an unspeakable burden, because he is released from his guilt of sin.  The gates of heaven open and grant the earthly pilgrim admission to the eternal kingdom.

And so also the coming judgment is an event which will demand victims in great numbers everywhere, which will also shake the surface and shake it up so that the earth will show changes of the strangest kind afterwards.  For many the temporal end will have come, and for them this will be like the end of the world, but whoever will - in faith in the Redeemer - overcome this time of terror and emerge from it in one piece, will see a picture of a reshaping of the earth, and he will recognize from it the greatness and omnipotence of the Creator, for everything that he now sees is so changed in it's nature that the slightest doubt about the Designer and Awakener of these miracles of creation will fade away to give way to a firm strong faith.

After endlessly long examination time, man is confronted with the choice to be allowed to be inhabitants of this new world or to perish with the old design.  And since immemorial long times, this event is intended for the purpose of the final clarification and separation of all spirit-beings who desire God or have devoted themselves to the darkness.  Only mankind does not think that this time has come yet and is therefore in greatest trouble if it does not expect the coming of the Lord prepared.  Because with this judgment also the Lord will appear again on earth, clearly recognizable to his own.  And exactly what has been proclaimed in word and scripture, will come true ....



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