Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Neighbourly love ....
The Ten Commandments

The commandment of love for one's neighbor encompasses all demands made on people, and love for God is again conditioned by love for one's neighbor.  Thus, man on earth will completely fulfill his task, if he is absorbed in the love for God and for his neighbor and builds his life on this basis.  Where the heart can make happy in love, there the enemy has lost power, because love is of Divine origin, it makes happy and enlivens, while the enemy's power strives to destroy what love builds up.

But the unselfish love for the neighbor will always only take care of their welfare, but never undertake the slightest thing to their harm, because this would then truly not be the right love, if disadvantage arises for the people.  Therefore, it can only be in the sense of the Divine Creator to take a stand in the service of love for one's neighbor on the ten commandments which the Lord has given to mankind, namely for a more detailed explanation of the individual commandments, each of which corresponds to the demand to love one's neighbor as oneself and thus, in summary, always has only unselfish love for one's neighbor as it's basis.

The spiritually same attitude can also have the consequence that all who are of the same spirit, unite in love - or that the love which has become strong in man expresses itself exactly in such a way that man wants to give to fellowmen again and again, and that without wanting to achieve the slightest advantage for himself, because as soon as the interest in an advantage, however small, is predominant, any work of love for the neighbour remains a kind of speculation, but is never what was taught to people by the heavenly Father in the commandment of neighbourly love, but all calculation is only based on one's own desire for gain, and only in those few cases is active neighbourly love practised in the Spirit of God, where man is only ever willing to give but never wants to take or possess ....




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