Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Vermin ....
Technical aids ....

It is of extraordinary importance to know furthermore that the innumerable living beings must fulfill by themselves the functions which contribute again to the preservation of other living beings.  This is the case for example with all flying insects, that at the same time their food intake facilitates the transfer of the finest dust particles and thus serves the fertilization in the plant world.  The finest tools must serve the living being for this activity, and so also the extremely finely constructed physique of such a being is to be explained, which represents a true miniature work of art in the creation of God.

The reproductive activity of the beings is not always so obvious to man, and still much less can he recognize the purpose of these with his physical eyes, he must rather take his recourse to faith and be convinced that nothing in the whole creation is without some task where always the one contributes to the existence of the other and is therefore necessary.  Even what you humans call vermin is in a certain respect necessary for the continued existence of other living beings, and incidentally they also have the spiritual task of being bearers of an infinite number of spiritual entities and not least of all of testing through their earthly activity the power of resistance so necessary for man.

Life must offer man resistances of all kinds, since he can mature only by overcoming them.  What sometimes seems unbearable to you, on the other hand, can even serve for the increase of your well-being also physically, because you again do not know the many dangers to which the body would be exposed without the small and very smallest living beings which are constantly active for the reduction of these, and which you are partly not able to see with your bodily eyes.  Their abode is the earth's surface, water and the air ....

By means of man's technical inventions, the existence of the smallest living beings, invisible to the naked eye, has been established, but your knowledge extends only to a part of the infinite number of living beings, for the creation is composed, so to speak, of the tiniest living beings, which are again in themselves a pure marvel and illustrate the wisdom and omnipotence of God, to him who is able to see with spiritual eyes and to the perfect spirit standing in the light ....



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