Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0851 6.4.1939

Sinking into mental problems ....
Flight of fancy ....
Idle life ....

The only possibility for man to leave the valley of the earth matured and perfect, is the conscious immersion in spiritual problems, because only now the spirit in man becomes active through free will, and now the distance from the Divine original Spirit diminishes in the same measure as man follows the desire in himself, which is directed to the Father of the universe.  And so it follows that the earthly child's separation from the Father is not insurmountable and that it only lies in the will of the individual to bridge this gulf, and this by that very flight into spiritual spheres, which can bring full success if the earthly child consciously devotes itself to this work.

Who sees the earthly task only in moving away from earth in spirit, who believes to find the true home far above earth and who seeks connection to that spiritual world through the power of this belief, he has again and again the opportunity to increase his knowledge about spiritual things, and he is introduced to everything he needs to know and can thus undertake the high flight in fullest security to reach the final goal.  Thus the earthly world can only be looked at with worldly eyes, it fulfills worldly desires and is also used in every respect purely worldly, while the spiritual eye can wander into endless distances and what it sees there, satisfies the longing of the spirit and is therefore desired and striven for again and again.

People do not consider which spiritual devotion is at their disposal, they disregard what exceeds all earthly things in value .... they chase after sham goods and carelessly pass by the real wealth, and their end will be that they have to recognize the idle run of their life.  They will leave the valley of the earth in the poorest spiritual condition and have to struggle bitterly in the hereafter for what they could acquire on earth with ease and rejected through their own fault where it was offered to them ....



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