Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0870 18.4.1939

Prayer for deceased ....
Help through love ....

Blessed are those who feel in themselves the power that comes from love .... Whoever works in love, his power increases and never lets him become disparaging, his spirit rises and never demands to return to it's envelopment.  And now turn your gaze upward and remember those who did not find the salvation of the soul in their earthly existence.  The more intimately your prayer rises, the lighter their burden becomes, for they are in constant need of the help which is imparted to them through prayer.

The sufferings of their imperfect state are immeasurable, and yet they must go the way through all heaviness if the purification process is to succeed and enable them to pass into the kingdom of light.  Those poor incessantly turn to people for help and find so little hearing, and yet it is of extensive importance to them whether their call for help is heard or not.

Every day, countless souls send their cry for help to earth, because they are in constant distress.  And these souls cannot be sufficiently remembered in prayer if they are to be released from their torment.  To give people a picture of their sad lot, would burden them infinitely and let them continue their life's walk on earth under dreadful pressure, but you should know after all that you can contribute unspeakably much to alleviate the lot of these poor, that you should only approach the Father in heaven for help for these souls in the love of the heart, In order to thereby reduce their suffering and to impart strength to them, which has the effect that the will of those poor turns towards the light and now can also now comply with  good spiritual beings, which, however, first need this will in order to be able to intervene helpingly on their part.

If man errs on earth and recognizes his error in the hereafter, then his situation is not so dreadful, because he will now strive with full will for the improvement of his lot and also find active support; however the ignorant and spiritually completely blind souls, which have passed on without any knowledge, suffer unspeakable agonies for the sake of their obduracy .... Help is also ready for them, if they are only willing to accept it, but in complete ignorance, nothing can help them but the intimate prayer of man, which also gives strength to those souls, in that they feel the love and it's power in themselves and become pliable and compliant through this benefit and now in their turn pursue the cause of this relief and thus slowly get close to light .... To bring help to such souls, is a work of love that is pleasing to the Lord ....



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