Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0877 21.4.1939

Childhood of God ....
Final goal of life ....
State of light ....

Do not forget that you are called to become children of God and that you should also enter into the same rights of a child, if you prove yourselves worthy to be called children of God. .... And it is therefore necessary that you recognize what your work will consist of in the hereafter .... It is necessary in order to make you understand with which zeal you should strive for your higher development and how you should use every opportunity which can earn you the childship of God.

To be a child of God means to submit completely to the will of the heavenly Father, to be devoted to Him in all love and humility, and to set the final union with the Father as one's first goal, so that the Father in heaven will likewise turn all His love to the earthly child, instruct it in all wisdom, and allow it gain insight into His creation, and this for the purpose of ever further perfection, which is indispensable in order to be called a child of God with fullest right.

The Lord has determined all His earthly children to the childship of God, but only very few grasp the true meaning of this word and do not know how unspeakably significant it is for man to establish the childlike relationship to the Father as early as possible .... Through an intimate devotion he will soon get a vivid representation of both the earthly task and the activity in the state of light and will recognize the ultimate meaning and purpose ....

The human being with fullest knowledge about his origin and his higher development, will pursue his aim with tenacious persuit .... he will strive to become a child of God on earth in order to recognize his actual task in the hereafter and to try to fulfill it likewise with all his strength.  For the only and last purpose of life and the entire embodiment of the human soul does not lie in the fulfillment of the earthly task.  This is to be sought and found rather in pure-spiritual striving .... And such again is intended that the human being in the hereafter can overlook the whole creation and now on his part contributes to the revival of this creation in manifold ways.

If the earthly being has this certainty that an eternal, unchangeable Godhead has also intended a mission for him for later and that he can then also still create and strive undiminished, but in a spiritual way, the earthly life gains a completely different form and will also be used much more beneficially for the salvation of the soul, because he recognizes his final goal and will henceforth strive to serve God as the eternal Father and to prove himself worthy of the childship of God ....




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