Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0882 24.4.1939

Creation miracle ....
Similar entities ....
Repetition ....

Visualize the greatness and grandeur of the Divine creation, and then consider more exactly the inner composition of a seed, which, as tiny as it is, contains the creation in infinite diminution .... This is incomprehensible for you humans, because you do not grasp in the remotest, how remarkably the composition of all creation miracles leans again on the greatest creation work .... like again and again the same appears, only in other proportions, which stand however again with each other in harmony.

You can already see with your physical eyes in the plant-life how often the smallest formations have similarities with the creations of nature.  How much more would you recognize with the spiritual eye the same law also in all tiny creations, starting from the grain of sand up to the animal-world .... that everything again and again clearly recognizably confirms a certain construction work, again and again in the same relation to each other and repeating itself innumerable times.

In every work of creation, the omnipotence and wisdom of God has visibly entered into function .... the observation of such a work of art let the thought arise in the human being that he is not remotely able on earth to gain insight into all of creation, but that this insight is allowed to him only to quite a small extent and he is then also able to look with physical eyes only at the outer shell, but not at the extremely fine construction which firstly illustrates the miracle of every work of creation.

A snowflake is often a cause for reflection, it is already such an artfully assembled thing, which is worth a closer look, and a form-structure which dissolves again in a few moments .... Who just looks around with open eyes in nature, will not get tired to look at the manifold wonders of Divine creation, but only with spiritual eyes he will recognize the meaningful composition of the whole and then stand before even greater wonders.

It is futile effort and therefore not leading to full success to want to analyze all these marvels in a purely scientific way .... It succeeds the people always only to a certain extent, but to exceed this is then only possible in a spiritual way and will be neither humanly proved nor recognized, because in the end, everything spiritual is to be recognized also only with the spiritual eye, and the Divine Creator has given man only the gift to see coarse matter with physical eyes and to let what is visible to them have an effect on the spirit in such a way that it stimulates him to think .... And then it is up to him alone to educate himself in such a way that he can penetrate matter and, so to speak, to see through the outer shell also the inner components in their composition, form and nature, in order to then, overwhelmed by God's love, wisdom and omnipotence, love and praise Him for all eternity ....




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