Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0885 26.4.1939

Recognition of truth only possible through love for God ....
Understanding ....

So hear the voice of the Highest: The power of My Word will flow through all who willingly devote themselves to it, and so the world is just also not able to pass the right judgement because it is listened to and examined without inner life and without love towards Me.  And so people certainly desire clarity, but can only receive it with a believing heart, because where the world and it's interests are put in the foreground, the soul is poorly thought of ....

The further away man is from Me, the more difficult it will be for him to recognize the truth, and he will examine without spiritual assistance, as it were, because he does not demand it in his will to reject.  Intellectual acuity alone is not suitable to examine something, which, however, again the deeply believing man immediately recognizes as truth, because the Divine Spirit came alive in the latter, while in the former there is still deep night and spiritual darkness.  If you want to recognize Me, then you must be with Me, but not against Me.  Your will is decisive .... Your lack of knowledge can well be remedied if you ask for correct knowledge, but where you reject it, you are still far away from the right knowledge.

Love has moved the Son of Man to sacrifice Himself for mankind, and this love will also now appear again and give light where light is desired .... And all can stand in the light, if they do not think themselves too exalted to pray for it.  No man has the right to make assertions which do not only touch the earthly tangible, because without My help, he lacks the right knowledge for it. .... Earthly knowledge is not enough to solve the last great question, but with My help, also this area will be opened up to you and you are allowed to accept the explanations given by Me full of trust as purest truth, but the will must first be in you to get in touch with Me, then you are also allowed to draw from the Source of eternal truth.

You all need strengthening from above, but on the human side this cannot be offered to you, however great the effort is to penetrate scientifically into the unknown kingdom .... And so also human knowledge alone will not be enough to examine a work of strange origin if you do not ask My help for this .... but cannot do this if you do not want to acknowledge Me.  I have only one goal in mind: to restore faith to mankind ....

I also do not want to condemn him who was wrongly guided until now, I only want to erect a barrier where the spiritual decay has already progressed so far that man thinks himself stronger than the eternal Godhead .... where he believes that the highest competent authority is his intellect .... There every attempt to teach the man anything else is unsuccessful, and such a man can only be taught in such a way that his own powerlessness is put before his eyes and he himself turns to a higher being, seeking help ....

I always listen to a plea in deepest humility, but if this plea is meant for earthly goods and the only necessary - the care for spiritual good, is disregarded, this desire cannot be pleasant to Me, and I cannot give My blessing there where the spirit is not respected.  How can the ray of light of spiritual truth penetrate into a heart that only strives for earthly things, and how can such a person get in touch with Him without deep faith in the Redeemer, so that he will be guided into truth?

Man must always remain aware of his own inadequacy and in this take refuge in the great spiritual power, and if he does this in all humility and in the will to then also help fellowmen through his enlightenment, if he lets himself be guided without resistance and wants to be a just servant of God and fellowmen, Then he will also be given the right knowledge, only the motive of wanting to know must not be ignoble, no earthly interests may be decisive but only the will to thereby serve the soul and to help alleviate the spiritual hardship on earth.  Then the blessing from above will not fail to come, and those who earnestly desire the truth, will recognize it ....




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